The Well-Dressed Home And A Closet Makeover

Over the last year, I've been working on a renovation project for this wonderful couple in Mountain Brook.  I've mentioned other aspects of this project here and here.  Among all the changes, we converted a small office the husband was using into a walk in closest for the wife. 

Also during the process, we replaced the dining room chandelier which was really not large enough for the space with something more to scale (I promise to show you pictures of the dining room at some point).  So, rather than get rid of the old chandelier, I suggested we move it to the new closet for a touch of girly glam.  Also, since the new closet was not very big, we hired a professional closest designer to come in and make the most of the space.   

Afterwards, my very organized client, "styled" the space with her things.  Notice how we painted the back wall a pale blue.  Initially, I wanted to wall paper this area, but we ended up painting it this beautiful color, and I think it was the right decision. 

My client came across this little stool in an antique/consignment shop.  After helping her pick out the fabric and trim, she redid it on her own!  I think the scale works perfectly in the space.

How many of you have crystal pieces similar to these stored in a buffet or closet?  Why not pull them out and use them in a spot that needs some sparkle.

Needless to say, I was BLOWN away by how beautiful it turned out and how indulgent it seemed to have such a wonderfully organized closet!  So, I went home and did my own. Here's the before of my closet (I know, shocking that I'm showing you this!) 
 I was lucky enough to already have the space built out with custom closets (it was here when we bought the house).  But, I had not really put the time and energy into thinking about what clothes I have and how to best utilize the space.
I actually have to share this space with my husband.  His things are on the right and mine on the left.
 Here's the after . . .
I did lots of purging (as in three garbage bags).  My rule was: If I had not worn it in the last year, I got rid of it!
 I also sat down and really thought about the things I planned to keep and how best to utilize the space for these items.  I even made room to "hang" my boots!
I took this picture before I was completely done.  I since have changed out the knobs with some pretty crystal ones and I have added a shelf above the luggage for my purse, keys, sunglasses, etc.  Everyday things I need.

Also, I cleaned up my husband's side up a bit too.
Overall, he's a pretty neat guy (in more ways than one, I might add)!
  I also replaced all my hangers.  I know it sounds indulgent, but I have never had a pretty closet, and I thought it was time.  This alone unified the space more than any other single thing I did.
No, I don't have a fabulous chandelier (will have to work on that one), but I just love being in there now.  I dare say, I don't mind putting laundry away anymore!

   Around the same time I was working on this project, I entered and won a giveaway hosted by Laura on her delightful blog Bright, Bold, and Beautiful for this glamourous book by the talented Annette Tatum . . . 

When I finally sat down to check it out, I just had to laugh.  The book is about looking at what you wear and taking clues from this to decorate your home.  The idea is that your home should reflect the true you.

  Well, of course all the images of closets in this book were amazing.  They just made me want to jump into the picture and look around.  So, after I read it cover to cover, I walked into my newly organized closet to see what colors, patterns, accessories I wear day to day.
For the most part, I am drawn to the same colors for fashion as I am for interiors.  But, I've not really been bringing my love for accessories to the table for interior design projects.  So, I will be thinking about that more on current projects!  
If you are interested in organizing your closets, I have a great contact I will share with you here in Birmingham to make that happen.  She is wonderful at coming up with the best use of a small spot.  

Also, if you just want to organize your current space, here are my sources for clothing hangers (these are a real find from a very organized friend), skirt and pant hangers and the boot hangers.   After I did my closet, I had two other friends do theirs.  Beware, it's contagious! M.


  1. Looking good...tons of great storage, a place for everything. The recipes for a perfect closet, well done.

  2. I was one of the friends who caught the closet bug --- and let me attest, the hangers (for me) made all the difference! Yeah for slim hangers from Bed Bath & Beyond!!
    Beautiful after shots, Mandi!!!

  3. So great! I especially love the boot hanger idea - I'm going to have try that one. :)

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  5. Wow, this looks amazing! It looks like a little boutique. It's so organized too, I need to get those boot clip hangers. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. THIS IS AWESOME!!! I was trying to figure out why yours looks so much better and one element seems to be the hangers. We have a decent closet that I designed...but yikes to show it to the public? I just might do it after I follow your advice! Thanks.


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