2012 Color of the Year

It's one of my favorites . . . 

Tangerine Tango

I've been using shades of orange as an accent color in spaces I've designed for quite some time.  So, when I heard the news, I was thrilled.  I think this color has so many possibilities . . . 

It can be used in traditional and modern spaces and it goes so well with lots of other colors.

Look how yummy it is with blue.

Mercer House traditional dining room

You could be brave, like Kate Spade and paint the walls!

Or your front door.

Or you could simply bring it in as an accent color in a neutral space.  Look how amazing it looks with the dark chocolate walls.

Here with more gray tones.

No doubt about it, I will be incorporating this color into my family room after Christmas.  Love having something to look forward to after the holidays!  M.


  1. Color of the year, huh? Well good because I happen to looove orange. I will find a place for it too:)

  2. Loving these images. And being an Auburn girl I'm preparing to be thrilled to see orange pop up everywhere!

  3. Love, love, love this color! Take care, Caroline

  4. I'm a little nervous about this color in broad strokes, but I have to admit it looks fabulous on the painted cabinets and book shelves!

  5. I agree that it's a great choice. These lovely images do it justice!

  6. A little orange is good...too much and we might have a situation called "Halloween".....!


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