Christmas Fluff

The last couple of weeks I've been spending a lot of my time focusing on Christmas decorations for clients.  I know there are lots of interior designers who "don't do Christmas decorations" which is totally fine.  But I adore it!  I think it is such a fun creative way to style a home, and it only happens this time of year.  

I've done some bigger jobs (still have one to go) with the whole shebang from the outside garland with lights to all the mantels and entryways.  I love being able to create a feel for the entire home.  But, I've also been doing a few in the "Christmas Fluff"(totally made this term up) category.  It's sort of like going to have your hair blown out and styled (rather than a full on cut/color/highlight/straightner - and NO I don't do all those things to my hair!)  

For a Christmas fluff, the client will put up their decorations, and I will come in and zhush it up a bit with fresh greenery, ribbon, etc.  I will also put together arrangements and centerpieces for areas where they just want something new and different.

Here are a few pictures I took of a fluff I did for this super great family who were having a dinner party this past week.    For starters, they have an amazing home.  It's simply beautiful.  

We started by meeting last week and brainstorming on what she might like for her table.  She pulled out these crowns and the deal was sealed.

I thought they were the perfect solution for a low centerpiece that allows your guests to see each other while giving you some major impact.

Two of the crowns are different while the third type is a set of three in decreasing size.

I used my tried and true trick of three different types of greenery and she happened to have these dried white berries from another project, so I incorporated them to give the arrangements some contrast. 

I think they are simple yet still very elegant in keeping with her gorgeous dining room.

As for other rooms, I added some greenery to this bowl of Christmas ornaments in her family room - just a little zhush.

I thought the table needed something fresh to finish it off. 

Then in her breakfast room, we did some fun things with more color.  Sorry the picture has such a glare.  It was a very sunny, and the light was not cooperating with me!  

This sitting area is to the left of the breakfast room table.  So we put together this little container.  I think she picked up the cup on a trip to Scott's in Atlanta.  It's so simple to put an arrangement like this together if you are clever with the container you use. 

In this container we started with some floral foam covered with moss (this is a trick to help you use less greenery and flowers).  Then we added gerber daisies cut at three different heights along with some rosemary and holly from the yard.  super simple.

Have any of you finished your Christmas shopping yet?  If so, please don't say as I am far far from finished!  I only want to hear from those of you who have been procrastinating or have been too busy to pull it all together - I need to feel better about my delay! M.


  1. Well, I'm your girl, Mandi ~ only about halfway done. :-( The hubs bday and a new-found rodent problem have derailed me! ugh... thanks for some Christmas spirit this morning!
    xo Heidi

  2. Mandi, this is all soooo elegant and pretty. Love that first table, just stunning!
    I am FAR from done but I am not fretting, I know I always get the job done!
    Great job here:)

  3. I used to do so much Christmas decorating but it was just too much and made me stress out during the I never got anything done at my house. Also.....I have not even started shopping yet :)

  4. How fun! Great job! Love the "zhush" that you added. Amazing what fresh greenery can do. What a great blog!

  5. I love the petite crown centerpieces, they whisper Christmas beautifully! Your previous post on tangerine made me smile, I love seeing shades of orange, especially with blue! That door is outrageous, love it.

    We are giving away a fragrant fresh Fraser Fir wreath on Splendid Market. Please stop by to enter {SOON and often!}

  6. Such a BEAUTIFUL table. You really made everything look so fresh and festive. Great inspiration for me.

  7. Love that gorgeous table. It's elegant and festive. I also adore that pretty flower arrangement, too.

    I just finished decorating my home today. I am so far behind. :) Hope to post pictures soon!


  8. so gorgeous! i hope u had the best of the holiday season & a happy 2012 to you!


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