Color Stories Brand New at Benjamin Moore

Have any of you used the brand new color palette from Benjamin Moore called Color Stories?

  I saw it recently when I went in to buy paint for my media wall project.  I'm told the line was created to compete with Farrow and Ball (which is not available locally).  So, I'm dying to get my paws on a fan deck!  If any of you have tried the new colors,  I would love to hear your thoughts and favorites. 

Also, I learned something else during my visit - Do you know how to tell whether you have oil or latex paint on a surface without having to lug it into the paint store with you?
The test: simply rub denatured alcohol (aka finger polish remover) on the painted surface.  If the paint comes off on the cotton ball it's latex, if not it's oil based.  It's that easy! M.

PS: We are very close to finishing our media room project, so stayed tuned.  I promise to show you pictures as soon as I'm finished. 


  1. I haven't used those colors, but I'm sure they're great! Thanks for the paint tip and most importantly... I can't wait to see your living room!

  2. I can't believe you just posted this last tip. I've been tormented by some night stands that I want to paint in another color - and I wanted to use latex paint but I suspect what's on there now could be oil-based. Reason # 10,000,000,203,940 why I love blogs (and you!) Thanks!

  3. A new color deck......must get! I am obsessed with them :)


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