Find of the Day - Ikea Rattan chairs

Just ran across these while sourcing a design plan for a client.  I love it when January brings some new products to consider!   I think all of these have tons of potential for the price - all from IKEA.

High Back Rattan Arm Chair

If you recall, I mentioned natural bamboo chairs are a huge trend right now (click here to read the post) and these IKEA chairs come in a natural color for a similar look.  

Here are some images for inspiration.  Look how great these IKEA chairs would be to give you a similar look for less. 

See the painted chair to the left - a bluish green?  That would be a very easy "hack" to the natural version of the IKEA chair.  Yummy.

The Ursula Throw
only $29.99  

I'm thinking I need a couple of these  throws for our playroom.  I know it sounds crazy, but the room always looks so messy.  Then when I fold up and put away all the random miss matched throws my kids pull out, it feels neat again.  With these, it won't seem as messy.  Don't you love how I rationalized that!? My husband calls it "crazy logic."

Here's a very similar throw for $79.00.

Lack Table
I've always liked this table in espresso, but now it comes in this slate gray for only $12.99.

These tables are so inexpensive and can be transformed into something spectacular.  Just to get your ideas flowing, here are two of my all time favorite "Lack Hacks."

Nailhead Goodness

Moorish Flare

That's all I have for today.  Hope your week is off to a great start! M.

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  1. Great post, Mandi! Love the chair-- would be such an awesome seating solution anywhere. Happy Monday!

  2. Leave it to Ikea. That chair is a winner. Happy New Year, Mandi!

  3. What a great chair! I agree, so many different looks. Ikea! I love It.

  4. I was just at Ikea this past weekend and saw those chairs. They are great. Really well made too.

  5. I love that chair and its gotta attractive price that comes along with it! I gotta get a couple of these babies! Happy New Year!

  6. so comfortable :) whit the fireplace, its to perfect ! :)


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