It's a Brand New Year & A Little Interior Design Goodness

Welcome 2012!!!!!!

I can't remember which media source I was absorbing recently, but I remember the guy saying, "The key to getting what you want in life, is to want what you have."  I know, I know . . .  a bit hokey.  But to some extent, I do think it's true.   Joy and happiness are a mindset - a byproduct of a contented soul.  To assume these can be obtained through the actions or inactions of others will only bring disappointment.  

So, this year my goal is to focus on being content with what I have in life.  The old adage, "Count Your Blessings" is my goal this year.   I have so many blessings - I know you do too.  And I'm going to think about these with a full heart and feel content.

So, here's to all the new adventures that await us this year!!

Now, on to some interior design goodness.

Windsor Smith 
This weekend I took some time to catch up on my shelter magazines.  I love sitting down with a glass of wine and checking out all the offerings - such an indulgence for me.  To say that Veranda knocked it out of the park this month is an understatement.  One of my favorites in the issue (honestly, my head is still spinning from it) is an article entitled, "Dinner at Windsor's."  Now, most of you will remember House Beautiful did a feature on L.A. designer Windsor Smith's home a while back (maybe a year ago).  The article was a straight forward piece on her beautiful L.A. home.  The new feature in Veranda speaks more to how she lives in her home, specifically - how she entertains in her home.   Needless to say, I'm now dying to host a dinner party (or two).

So, just for fun, let's look at some of the pictures from the previous House Beautiful article and this month's Veranda - you can even see where she's made some changes in her decor (which I love to see).

Here's the foyer (from House Beautiful).  It's completely stunning. . .

 The Veranda article opens with this tight shot of the entry table as an impromptu bar set up to greet her guests right when they walk in the door - Dahlias and all!  Did I mention the dinner was for sixteen oh so lucky guests?
Veranda January/February 2012 issue

Also, if you go back to the House Beautiful image you can see the edge of an etagere in her foyer.  In the Veranda issue,  each one is topped off with an absolutely amazing peacock which has a tail made of fresh greenery created especially for the dinner party!  LOVE them.

The kitchen from House Beautiful.

Not a ton of changes in the kitchen, but in the Veranda article Windsor states that from the foyer, "people are drawn to the kitchen, which is a formal space in my house. . . . It's decorated more like a paneled library." For this specific party, Windsor uses the kitchen table to serve (buffet style) for the dinner party.  

She also had a chef for the dinner party (how fun would that be!).  Windsor explains, "I like a chef to be chatty and share what she's doing . . . . It becomes almost a tutorial.  It's an ongoing tasting."  

Here's the kitchen table as a serving space for the party.

Now for the surprise.  The game room from House Beautiful . . . 

In the current issue of Veranda, Windsor has transformed this space into a dining room for the evening!  I love this idea - totally mixes things up.   Notice how she has styled the mantel with antler candlesticks and a mirror to reflect the lighting just for the evening. 

Also love the idea of dining fireside.  

The great room from House Beautiful.  Notice the 2011 color of the year - Honeysuckle Pink.

After dinner, her guest retired to the great room for an after party of apple tart, coffee, and charades (really).  As you can see in the picture below, the great room walls have been toned down with a buttery cream color and the chairs appear to be reupholstered in chocolate.  For me, the color of year is a wonderful accent, but not sure it's in the budget to go all out with it here at the Smith T house.  
The entire article is a must read.  If I had to choose between the two features, it would be the Veranda piece.  Even though the House Beautiful feature included more pictures of the entire house, there is something about seeing how a person lives in their space, even if it is for a special occasion dinner party that gets me every time!  Happy Monday.  M.


  1. Ok, now I'm off to snag this issue! Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year! :)

  2. Can you believe I haven't bought the new Veranda yet?? Crazy, I know. I absolutely adore Windsor Smith. Definitely have to grab a copy today. Happy New Year!

  3. I loved that Veranda issue. I poured over it last night. It really gave a different view into that house. I think I'm liking a few people in the pics!

  4. That's such a good goal to have, be content with what you have! I have a tendency to be envious of others' homes and to wish mine could look better. I need to be more content with my current blessings and know that I am blessed with what I do have. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. How beautiful! I love those navy walls in the dining room and that turquoise patterned sofa. The bar at the entry is so welcoming! Happy New Year!

  6. I love sitting with a glass of wine and flipping though all my magazines too!
    Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

  7. So gorgeous. Inspires me to surround myself with good people and yummy food in a beautiful setting. Loved the cocktail bar!


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