On my mind - Groin Vaulted Ceilings

Lately, I've had these ceiling on the brain.  They're called "groin vaulted ceilings"(try working that term in at a dinner party!), and the term relates to the intersection of two barrel vaults.  

Not sure why I've been noticing them as of late; but when I see one, they always stop me in my tracks.

Look what goes into creating one from a construction standpoint.  Wow.

Such a lovely architectural feature. 

I love the repeating effect on this terrace.

What are your thoughts on this type of ceiling?  Do you like it or would you pass on it? M.


  1. I LOVE it... it is so majestic, conjuring up Renaissance and Gothic architecture. And I just can't resist references like that. :)

  2. I love them! Might pass on the name, but not the style!!

  3. Lovely! What would I pin on Pinterest without you, Mandi???

  4. These are so interesting! I had no idea what they were called, and I'm not sure I'm a fan of the name (you cracked me up about working that term in at a dinner party), but they definitely add great architectural interest. I doubt they'd work in my sleepy little suburban home, but in a grand estate, why not?


Thank you for thoughts on my post! M.