Quick Way to Freshen Up Your Space

I mentioned in a recent post that my new artwork by artist Ashley Terrell was not going to be able to live above our fireplace any longer (click here for an explanation) - a little bittersweet.

So, I did a little musical chairs with my artwork.   It was a bit of a domino effect, but well worth the effort when I realized what the changes did for my spaces.  Here are the flip flops.

Dining Room Before . . . 
I found this painting in a junk shop in Asheville, N.C. for $75 (already framed).

 Now, understand, I was not unhappy with it in the dining room - I just needed a spot for my newest piece.  I say this because I find clients will often say, "I really like that piece there."  When in fact, they would love it in other spots too, if they would just give it a try.

 Here's the dining room after . . . (I also flip flopped the lamps from my guest bedroom).  Sorry for the poor lighting, really should have left the lamps off - remember, I'm not a photographer.

So where did the junk shop piece land?  It landed in the master bedroom above the bed.  Here is a before picture of the bedroom.

Here's the after . . .  (notice I moved the orange pillow to my guest bedroom since the painting was speaking more blues, and I switched out the bench (it's now in my dining room) with a settee I got from a sweet client.  There was no spot for it in her home (I promise I tried) so we bartered for it.  I gave her some consult time, and I got the settee.

When this artwork was in the dining room, I didn't notice all the blues in it.  But now that it's in the bedroom with all the greens and creams, the blue is really standing out.  Makes me think I need some new accent pillows in here with some blue.  The draperies came with the house.  Although they are not what I would choose, I think I can give them a more modern vibe with accent fabrics.  Looks like another project for 2012 - stay tuned!!

So, where did the small landscapes from above the bed end up? (see what I mean about the musical artwork!) They ended up on this small wall in the bedroom.

Here's a close up.

So, if you are looking for a free freshen up.  I would encourage you to take all your artwork off the walls and move it around a bit.  Remember it's not married to the wall it's currently on!! You may be surprised by how such a small change gives you big results in your spaces!  M. 


  1. Excellent tip! I'm about to do a bit of this myself and can't wait to enjoy a fresh look.
    Happy Monday!

  2. Thanks for sharing this post....I love to change things up often too!

    1. Love the new look. The painting is perfect above your bed. I have to go change some of my paintings around.

  3. So true. WE often think that a certain item has a "place" when it really can be moved to a better location. Love your changes, Mandi!

  4. I love the art work moved to the dining room! It looks amazing there! Small changes definitely can make a big difference. You've inspired me to look around and possibly move things around. :)

  5. Great Idea! moving stuff around gave you a totally different look! I love that piece in the dining room now. Looks so great and contrasts so well with the buffet.

  6. Love where you moved things around! Perfect!

  7. Good ideas! I agree about things looking different in different places. Something about how the light hits them. And yes, a touch of blue would be lovely! I really like those curtains (:


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