Trend Spotting - Succulents

I started noticing these here and there at the end of the summer.  Then at Christmas, I started seeing them incorporated into traditional greenery for a more updated look.  I think the trend is going to continue and you will be seeing lots more of these very versatile plants.

They are very much on the scene already for modern weddings.  . . 
Look to see them in outdoor spaces when the weather begins to turn warm.

Not only are they drought tolerant but they give you so many color variations without any faded blooms to remove.

They also look amazing when coupled with flowering plants of all colors.

This one is especially drought tolerant, it's a graphic photograph! 

They can be used in a fresh and very modern way . . .

 Or worked into a more traditional setting.  I also love that a single succulent has the ability to stand on it's own like with this place card.  Hard to get that effect with a single bloom.

They will last longer than cut flowers and it only takes a few to get some great impact.

Have a marvelous day! M.


  1. I just transplanted a few into silver bowls and am in love... the perfect texture and color for interest!

  2. I am a big fan of succulents in interiors, but oh my gosh they are so beautiful in these boquets! I guess it's the unexpected that makes it work - they are really unique and I love that...

  3. I really love them in bouquets! Thanks for sharing....

  4. I love succulents in little bowls...and I can keep them alive:) Take care, Caroline

  5. Lovely! I have tons of them from clippings I started several years ago. Hens and chicks are my faves. They last through our droughts here and you don't have to water every day. I hadn't seem in wedding bouquets before. Love the mix.

  6. So pretty! Heading off to Pinterest now to pin some of these.... :)

  7. I hope these never go away. I just think they are so cute, like baby plants!!

  8. If Succulents are in, then my backyard is hip! I have had a backyard full of them for years. I love how they are pretty much evergreens. They add loads of texture. They are modern and the different hues of green are just beautiful. Great images.

  9. Beautiful succulents, and I love the idea of putting them in flower bouquets...gorgeous!!


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