True To Form

OK, confession time.  After the winter holidays are behind us, I'm totally over the winter season.  Period.  I'm done with the hot chocolate, scarves, sweaters and rain boots and ready for warmer weather, longer days, lighter meals, and not having to dress in layers.  There, I've said it.

Each year, I tell myself to focus on the cozy, fun aspects of winter like roaring fires and family game nights.  But my mind always goes to the warm days of summer - evening meals outside, fresh cut flowers from the backyard, the basic summer uniform of skirt, t-shirt and sandals.   

So, true to form, I've been dreaming of summer.  To get me through the next few months, I have one little trick to share - I delve into interior design blogs from the other side of the world.  Since it's summer there, they are full blown hot weather - summery fabrics, fashion and food.  If you are like me, here are a few dreamy down under spots you need to visit.  They're better than a cup of hot chocolate in my opinion!

Anna Spiro is the author of this delightful blog based in Brisbane.  She also owns a fantastic shop called Black and Spiro that gives me tons of inspiration when I'm creating design plans for clients.  I love visiting her blog this time of year, as there are tons of fresh flowers cut from the garden in her home and talk about swimming and cocktails in the afternoons.  

This amazing blog is written by Lucy Feagins, a set designer/stylist based in Melbourne who has amazing taste and such a refreshing take on interiors, especially in summer.  

This time of year, when I go to Kelly Green, I feel totally refreshed like summer is just around the corner.  This little blog packs a tons of punch - get ready! 

And Last, but certainly not least . . . 
Although not a blog, this online magazine will make your head spin with ideas and inspiration.  It is a feast for the eyes and this time of year, with the focus is summer interiors. 

So, that should keep you busy for the rest of the day.  Afterwards, you may be in such a summer mood that you go home and make a batch of margaritas. M.

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  1. Funny....I normally am very anxious for winter to end but this year I am feeling a little jipped, not having had a single flake of snow! SO I don't want it to be over till I get that Then I am more than happy to skip into spring! And like you, I do love the long carefree days of summer......

  2. Ha ha-- bless your heart! I love the chill of January/February, but I'll be ready to rock into summer by March. Adore Magazine is a delight, isn't it?

  3. I haven't been to adore yet - thanks for pointing me here. Always looking for new inspiration!

  4. i love this blog it is just so inspiring hope to be able to enjoy it as well this year, very well done, especially as an high-end interior designer it is interesting to see what other people do, thank you so much

  5. Couldn't agree more, Mandi. And there's more winter to come. Blech. I haven't looked at the Australian blogs lately but definitely need to as they're all great! May I also suggest Table Tonic ( - although I think she's on a blog break right now and the magazine Ivy and Piper (!out-now).

  6. I want some snow and skiing before winter ends...but I would love a warm vacation, too. I mentioned your great closet post in my post today. Have a great weekend.

  7. I usually love the winter months, but this year I have been longing for spring to come early. I will have to try your technique and explore the new to me blogs you have mentioned. Fun idea Mandi!


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