Project in Progress Media Area - Before and Afters

Finally.  FINALLY.  We are finished with our media area (for more information, read my previous post).  We encountered quite a few snags along the way; but in the end, we are thrilled with the result. 

Before . . . 

 And After . . . 

Again, Before . . . 

After . . . 

I ended up going with the P&L Silver Mink on the backs and sides of the bookshelves and left the shelves the trim color. 

 It would have been too much to do the shelves in the Silver Mink given all the books and dark accessories.  The lighter shelves are a nice balance.

I went with the antique brass library lights, and I just love the feel it gave the entire wall.  Now, I feel like the arches serve a purpose.

Lastly, I can not tell you how thrilled I am to have an mantel.  Look out Christmas 2012, I get to hang our stockings from the real deal!

Even though I was not crazy about the idea of hanging this very large TV over our fireplace, I have to say we have been hanging out as a family in this room every single night.  For me, that makes it worth the compromise! M.

We actually did the refinishing work on the mantel ourselves; and I took pictures along the way.  I will be posting about that process in the next week or so, if you're curious.  Have a wonderful day! M.


  1. The arches really pop now and are the perfect showcase for your pottery. Awesome transformation!

  2. Lovely job. I think the arches look wonderful and the colours you chose really make them "pop", now all yo need is to grab a book and curl up.

  3. It is amazing how small changes can make such a huge difference! Love the lights.......

  4. Indeed, the best part is to get the idea and to see the result! The brightness is lovely on these pictures!

  5. Mandi! It looks so so good! I love the color you chose for the inside for the shelves, those library lights are awesome, and of course I love the mantle! Beautiful room!

  6. I love the new lights, the styling and the color on the back of the shelves! Beautiful transformation!


  7. Great job! I love that you added a color behind the bookshelves. Your shelf styling is beautiful too! :) And those brass library lights are really gorgeous! :)

  8. It looks great. I'm amazed at the different the library lights make!


Thank you for thoughts on my post! M.