Art In The Garden - James Farmer

About a month ago, I was near Auburn for a guest bedroom installation.  After finishing, I managed to grab some lunch, and I snagged a copy of a local flower magazine.  The entire magazine was great, but what really caught my eye was a full page ad for Art in the Garden at Auburn University featuring none other than James Farmer.  
Are you familiar with James Farmer?  He is considered a Southern lifestyle expert - that includes all things related to entertaining and styling.  The guy's amazing.


Well, he's coming to Auburn Saturday, April 14th for an evening of sheer bliss.  From what I can gather, he will be creating flower arrangements and chatting it up with guests the entire evening.  There will be a seated dinner and lots of other loveliness.  The proceeds go to supporting the Gardens in the area.  The sad news for is is that we are going to be out of town.  So, if any of you do decide to go, I would love a full report!!

Who knows, he may even be signing copies of his most recent book.  
Here is information on getting tickets for the evening - Art in the Garden with James Farmer

PS: I'm still digging out from my break.  Why do breaks have to be this way!? M.


  1. I feel your pain -- I always call it "re-entry" when I come back from a break. :)
    Love James Farmer! Checking my calendar!
    xo Heidi

  2. Looks like an awesome event! I'm dying to get to work on my newest yard, but the pollen is brutal right now and I have more pressing matters inside the house! Thanks for sharing his work, Mandi. I wasn't aware...

  3. Just gave you a mention over at my place. You have such a lovely blog going on I wanted to introduce you to my friends. xx's Marsha

  4. He looks very talented. Have fun on your trip.


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