Dining Room Before and Afters

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about this fabulous house I've been working on in Crestline.  If you recall, I posted pictures from a photo shoot we did of the living room.
Here's the full post -  Project Living Room II.


Today, I wanted to show you some dramatic before and after pictures of the dining room which is off the living room.  We completed it just days after the shoot, so I was not able to include it in the initial pictures. 

Here is the Before . . .

The window treatments and chandy were left by the previous homeowner and were just not the style this  young couple was going for in their home.

And here's the After . . .
Sorry the pictures are a little blurry -  A couple of them are from a real estate website (I'll explain a little later), and the rest I snapped when I was last there.

Again?  Before . . . 

And After . . . 

Here are a few details about the space.
The couple inherited the midcentury modern dining table and chairs and really wanted to keep them for sentimental reasons.  So, I recommended a lime wax for a fresh new look.  I think the table now blends with the more traditional furnishings in the home.  Liming is one of the quickest, most cost effective ways to breath new life into an old piece.

And thanks to these great clients who took pictures of every step in the process, I'm going to post a tutorial on how you can lime wax a piece of furniture.  I promise to share this with you later this week.

We also discussed whether to paint the bamboo chairs.  I saw some amazing pictures of examples in their original state.  So, we opted not to paint and simply changed the chocolate linen seats to faux cream leather for a hip vibe.
For the full scoop on this read my post - Trend Spotting - Natural Bamboo Chairs.

The pair of conte' portraits in the image below also have sentimental value.  They are of the client and her brother when they were children.  All we did was give them a bit more presence in the space by adding the chain detail. If you would like more information on how to do this, you can read my tutorial here - Picture Hanging Detail.

Lastly, we created drama by adding some pattern and color to some ready made window treatments with strips of fabric.  This is a great, inexpensive way to give your draperies a fresh new feel.  If you recall, the living room included turquoise IKAT and cut velvet accent pillows, so we pulled a bit of that color into this space to help the flow of the rooms.

We finished the backs of the strips with a drapery liner and used leather ties at the top for even more texture.

I mentioned earlier, a few of the pictures of the dining room were from a real estate website.  Well, as is usually the case - you finish your house and go on a walk and WHAM!  You find another house that needs some tender loving care.  This cute couple has found their forever home and are moving on.  Their fabulous bungalow has just gone on the market, so if you're interested, here's the listing!  Crestline Bungalow Listing.  Have a great day. M.


  1. Love that you worked around the sentimental pieces, Mandi -- I can't wait for your lime treatment tutorial! I have a couple of pieces in need of TLC and this might be the answer. :)
    Amazing transformation with heart!
    xo Heidi

  2. WOW what a Makeover.....I love how the small changes created such a wonderful room. Adore what you did to the window treatments......

  3. The detail on the window treatments is really fun and interesting - as is the dining set - very interesting and unexpected. Nice work by all!

  4. I love the detail that was added to the window treatments!

  5. Oh my gosh, that strip of fabric you added to the curtains!! It is gorgeous! Looks like it can be removed. Is that true?

  6. This whole makeover is fantastic. I love how you incorporated their existing furniture in a way that looks fresh and modern. Those bamboo chairs rock!

  7. I love the idea for the curtains. Great make over!

  8. Ok so I already loved what you did with the living room, but this dinning room is superb!!! I am loving so many elements. I love your style. I love it all but if I had to pick one element, it would be the fabric you added to the drapes. Pinning that idea. How clever.

  9. The two rooms look beautiful! I love the drapery in both spaces. The rooms compliment each other so well now!

  10. Love the liming of the table, that really brought it up to date. Great chandelier too.

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  12. Mandi, this space is truly magazine worthy. You did an amazing job. I believe my favorite part is the curtains. I love the added color and texture. Congrats on a job well done!


Thank you for thoughts on my post! M.