On my mind

Saw this image on Pinterest and simply can NOT get it out of my head.  I am totally loving the lighting used in this way.  So good.

You could even do one of these over the mirror (using a smaller mirror instead) and get the same cool look for less.  Hmmm.  My wheels are turning.

PS: Re-entry after a tiny vacay is so much harder than I remembered.  I was only out of the loop for four days!  Is it just me? Would love your thoughts. M.


  1. I love this image - and that magazine holder is so fun. I remember pinning this and loving it as well. I can never get back into the groove as quickly as I would have liked after a long weekend.

  2. I too love the lighting, but I am really loving the wallpaper. Any idea who makes it?

  3. Oh, it takes me forever to recuperate from anything!! My daughter's birthday party/sleepover was Friday and I'm still not recovered (neither has my house). Love this photo. I have it pinned too. I believe it's from Rita Konig of Domino fame - surprise, surprise!

  4. I remember that bathroom from Domino a few years ago. The lighting is stunning! Hope you find your groove soon!

  5. The lighting is so cool! Love the whole look

  6. I remember this photo from Domino, but believe it or not, it was because of the dark toilet seat cover! This photo is why we've used dark lids in 3 of our bath remodels :)


Thank you for thoughts on my post! M.