Simple Organizing Idea

While on my recent girls weekend, we covered lots of topics.  One topic we discussed - ways to make our busy lives easier.  Sadly, mornings are no such time in the Smith T household.  They are hectic, and rushed.  I often feel like a drill Sargeant during the process and ultimately this results in grumpy kids and creates distractions that linger through out the day for me.

Here's one of our biggest problems . . .
Just as we are walking out the door, at least one of my kids pipes up with "Where are my shoes?!"  My response, "I put them back in your closet the last time I wore them." (I know sarcasm does not help, but this is a very old and constant battle for me.  The sarcasm is a coping mechanism).

Then it's all hands on deck to find the shoes.  It goes likes this, "Can you remember what we were doing yesterday, you came in from school and had to get ready for soccer, do you remember taking them off and putting on your soccer shoes?  Where were your soccer shoes, maybe your tennis shoes are in the same place.  Did you leave them in the bathroom when you took your shower?  Maybe they're by the sofa, didn't you hang out for awhile after you had a snack and watch some TV?"  With every question, my blood pressure is rising . . .  This happens at least five days a week - sometimes it's both kids in a single morning.

What I'm about to tell you may seem obvious, but apparently not for me!  Two of my friends shared that all their children's shoes are kept right by their back door.

Yelp.  Sometimes the best ideas are very simple and obvious.  

The minute they walk in the door, their shoes come off and go straight in a basket.

They do not have any shoes in their bedrooms.

One friend said that this has dramatically cut down on the amount of dirt that gets tracked in and her floors stay clean longer.

That's a total bonus.

So, I'm not sure where have I been???!!! But, now that I know better, I'm making it happen.

Now, I just need to decide where this basket needs to live in our breakfast room (which is the room you walk into from our garage).  

Would love to hear where you store your shoes?

  Maybe I'll borrow your idea!  Have a great one. M.


  1. Yes, I lived in Norway for three years with my family and everyone there has those Ikea shoe cabinets and leaves their shoes at the front door. Kids and adults. My kid just got in the habit of it. I think people in colder climates do that more because of the snow and taking off your boots. It does keep a tidier house too!

  2. Okay, we don't really "store" our shoes. They are left places until the next wearing. Love the basket solution - and I'm on the search for some big sturdy ones for shoes and my magazine collections!

  3. I'm a huge fan of the shoe basket. I used to have one of those Chinese-looking baskets by the chest in the entry but now I'm using what is basically a decorative planter. Any port in the storm. It truly is a life-saver!

  4. Are shoes are all over the place! I would love to have a cabinet in my pretend mudroom! They don't seem to build mudrooms in southern California, at least not in a track home.

  5. When my boys were little I even went the extra step of untying them as part of my nightly "morning prep" routine to avoid the meltdowns when laces were in knots, etc. ;)

  6. We have a big basket that lives by the front door. It has served us well!

  7. We don't store ours either really. I usually allow one pair to sit out and the rest need to be upstairs. But one of these days when the kids are bigger I'm assuming we'll need a better system and will probably turn to the basket.

  8. A basket in the pantry!

  9. We use a shoe cubby in the entry way... but they mostly get dumped in a pile on the mudproof shoe mat.
    Love all the pics you included with this, it is fun to see different options.

  10. Great ideas! I have a big straw basket in our entry way that holds shoes. Here in Oregon it is so wet outside that it helps with treking wet shoes in the house.

  11. We do this, only quite by accident. My two started taking their shoes off as soon as we entered the house, so I had to follow suit with a basket. Some days the shoes end up there...often I find myself putting them in. Sometimes I remember to remind them before we ever get inside, but not often. :)


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