Top Seven for Spring Series - Elizabeth of The Mustard Ceiling

Rounding out my series this week is the super talented Elizabeth of The Mustard Ceiling.  Not only does Elizabeth have an amazing eye for interior design, she's also a computer wiz and has her very own graphic design company.  So, she moves about the Internet helping interior designers & bloggers with logos, branding, and even the overall look of their websites.  She has been incredibly supportive of my blog, and I love reading about all her creative ideas on design.  With that, Elizabeth take it away!!!

Hi IDM readers! I'm stopping by from The Mustard Ceiling blog to share a few of my favorite things this spring.

I can't believe spring is already here. I don't know about you, but I am definitely ready, it is one of my favorite time's of the year.

The days start getting longer, the flowers are begin to bloom...and of course you can't beat the beautiful colors. A couple of my favorite's for spring....coral and kelly green. Which leads us to a few of my favorite things...
I am addicted to my ipad2. I got it as a birthday present in January, since then it has not left my side. This is such a cute ipad cover from Pretty Smitten, the colors and patterns are so fresh and fun for spring.
The perfect shade of grey. If you have been to my blog, The Mustard Ceiling, you will see I am little obsessed with gray...particularly warm gray's. In my opinion, it is the perfect neutral backdrop to really make those pretty spring colors POP! This color is a soft warm gray by Benjamin Moore, Revere Pewter.
Spring is the perfect time to bring a little bit of nature inside. These glass terrariums from West Elm are hand-blown glass, they are beautiful way to display a little bit of nature with a touch of rustic.
Tulips! When I think of spring I think of tulips. They are my favorite spring flower.
How can you go wrong when you pair ikat, kelly green and coffee? I think I would wake up on the right side of the bed every morning with this trio. I recently found this shop, C Wonder online and it has knocked my socks off!
For Christmas this year I received a big girl camera, the Canon Rebel EOS T3. I have fallen in love with photography, even though I still have a lot to learn. I am excited this spring to be able to get outside and see the world through my lens. It really changes your perspective and helps you take the time to stop and notice all of the beautiful details around you.
Finally, no spring wardrobe would be complete without a pretty scarf and this soft animal print in peach is no exception.
Thank you Mandi for having me today! I hope you're having a terrific springbreak.


  1. Elizabeth is so talented. I love that pretty scarf and really want a Big Girl Camera, too.

  2. Those are some fabulous things to have......especially the coffee cup! So cute....


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