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Do you have the fever yet?!  All this talk about Spring is really putting me in the mood (to shop I'm afraid!)  At this point, I'm thinking new shoes, cute dress, and a color change in the entire house!  I'm sure today will only add to my want list.  

If you have not discover my next guest before, suffice it to say you are about to Wowed.  I think of Kathy's blog My Interior Life as on of my go to's for cutting edge trends and styles.  She can mention a design trend and several months later, everybody will be talking about it.  If you are interested in cutting edge, you need to visit her often!  The other great thing about Kathy is that she writes in a witty and clever way which I find totally refreshing.  So, Kathy, what's on your mind for Spring 2012 . . . 

I'm so honored Mandi asked me to participate in her Spring Break series . . . her blog is one of my daily reads, so it means a lot to me. At first I thought I might have a hard time coming up with seven things for spring, but I think I must be more ready for the season than I thought. To me, spring means a time to spruce up my wardrobe, my house and myself. So, without further ado, here are my top 7 picks for spring!

1. I am loving all the bright colors that are so popular this spring, and one of my favorite incarnations is the "Pop Pants" (my neighbor told me they are called that, I just thought they were just called colored jeans - silly me!) . . .

I bought a green pair similar to these from Old Navy at Marshall's for $17! I've already worn them quite a bit and love them!

2. My house is looking so dark to me right now, so I think the solution is new, colorful throw pillows. Don't you agree? I think changing out accessories can make a room feel so fresh. Here are a few pillows that have caught my eye recently.

These bright, cheerful patterns from Caitlin Wilson Textiles just scream spring to me.

This Thom Filicia fabric pillow from Etsy seller Woody Liana is currently on sale for $42. She's having a great spring sale with lots of your favorite patterns.

 3.  This may sound silly, but I love a good lip balm. I'm not a huge lipstick person, so any kind of tinted lip balm is even better because as I reapply throughout the day, it gives me a little bit of color and shine. Some new ones that I've been meaning to try are by Burt's Bee's:

And this one from Alba called Terra Tints might even be better because it's got SPF (and it's cheaper)!

4. Another pick for spring would have to be a new iPhone case for me. It has been brought to my attention that mine (from J. Crew, mind you) can look like camouflage from far away. Now, I mean no disrespect to the hunters out there, but camo is not my thing. Here are a couple of cases on my wish list, both are from which is a really cool site where all the cases are $35 and created by artists. Seriously, hundreds to choose from. All the ones I picked are from the same artist. I'm nothing if not predictable. I just can't pass up a good, colorful abstract. This one even has in inspirational name: "Dream Your Path." Love it.

This one is called "On Time" which is good because I like to be punctual. Being late stresses me out.

5. I've always loved striped blouses, but I'm really hooked on them lately. I just picked up this lovely at TJ Maxx the other day . . .
And I saw this one at Ann Taylor in a favorite color combo this spring, nude and orange (sounds weird, but it's cute - promise) . . . 

6. Of course, what spring list wouldn't be complete without some new nail polish for those warm-weather pedicures? I'm loving Essie's "Orange, It's Obvious."

7. And last, but certainly not least, (this pick may seem a little random, but oh well) a leather tassel keychain! I just bought one after Christmas from Etsy, and I couldn't be happier with it. I bought a cheerful yellow. The color makes it easy to find in the bottom of my black hole of a purse, and it just makes me smile!

Thanks so much, Mandi, for having me over! I hope my spring finds inspire you to find something you love to celebrate the new season!


  1. Love the orange nail polish! Love bright colors for spring!

  2. Wow, thank you for that super sweet introduction, Mandi. I don't think I've ever been called cutting edge and witty at the same time . . . you just made my day! Thank you again for having me over - you know I love your blog and your style, so it means a lot! Hope your Spring Break has been fabulous!!

  3. I am a regular reader of Kathy's blog too. I love reading about her latest find and her home projects! Adore the Thom Felicia pillow and the colorful case she picked, by the way!

    Have a fabulous weekend!



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