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Today you're in for a treat!  I have Rachel of Just a Touch of Gray here sharing her top favs for Spring. I connected with Rachel about a year and a half ago through a mutual friend here in Birmingham.  I was hosting a dinner party for my husband's firm; and one of the wives started talking about a friend of hers who had just started a blog.  Of course, my ears perked up at the mention of a new blog, and the rest as they say was history.  I have learned so much from Rachel's posts on high end DIY projects.  It seems as though she and hubs are constantly making changes over there!!  Rachel, fill us in on your favs for Spring! 

Hello Interior Design Musings readers! Being here brings back some memories since I actually did {my very first guest post} right here last summer soon after I started {Just a Touch of Gray}. So I'm thrilled to be back! :) While Mandi and her fam are enjoying their Spring Break together I'm here to show you my...


Mandi gave no limitations for this broad title, but I'm sticking to my roots and going with interiors.  When I think about spring, pastel colors are one of the first things that come to mind. So today I'm sharing my... 


Ok maybe I just have Easter candy on my mind, but that's beside the point. 

Pastel color can be defined as:

A soft delicate hue; a pale color

If my husband were reading over my shoulder he'd probably be afraid I'm scheming up some pale pink masterpiece design board for our front living room. But fear not, pastels don't necessarily have to be girly if used in small doses. 

Now let's have a little pastel-by-room fun... 

1. Pastels in the BATHROOM
Brian Andriola
This is such a pretty bathroom decked out in robin egg blue. The brown accents (door and table) are right on. And how cute is that koi fish vase!? 

2. Pastels in the KITCHEN
Bonesteel Trout Hall
Those cheerful patterned valences are adorable in this small space. I spy a glimpse of a bench and pillows too! I love when fabrics are incorporated into kitchens. Looks like the perfect space to sit and chat about springtime festivities! 

3. Pastels in the LIVING ROOM
Nate Berkus does it again.
You may think this one is a bit of a stretch, but I did tell you pastels don't always have to be girly.  This pair of pale yellow crushed velvet ottomans are just the hint of pastel color that gives this masculine living room a softer feel. 

4. Pastels in the MASTER BEDROOM
New Construction - Bethany Beach, Del. contemporary bedroom

Who cares about the interiors when you have a view like THAT!? Give me those floors, windows, ceiling, and expansive ocean view and I'll give you all pastel colors you want! 

5. Pastels in the GUEST BEDROOM
Coddington Design
I could make myself right at home in this soft green guest room. Green is my favorite color, but there is much more that draws me to this space. I love the tone on tone drapes, the plaid bedskirt, and lacquer nightstand. It's genius they carried the wall color onto the ceiling. It gives the space such a cozy feel.

6. Pastels in the KIDS BEDROOM
Robyn Karp
This room looks fit for a princess. I can picture a little cutie snuggled up in bed while her parents sit on the pastel pink settee reading a bedtime story... feet propped up on the furry pouf and all! 

7. Pastels in the SUNROOM
Ok, now let's get serious. Springtime is all about soaking up the warm weather after a long, cold winter. If this sunroom set up for entertaining wouldn't get you in the mood for spring I don't know what would. What a dream it would be to have a yummy meal, glass of wine, and friends around the table with all those windows cracked open to let in the warm breeze. 

So there you have it...
 Pastel colors in all the rooms in honor of SPRINGTIME! 

If you're one to decorate for the seasons I hope you'll think about including some pastel colors in your spring look! And if your rooms are already adorned with these soft colors well now we can enjoy them that much more now that it's SPRING! 

Hope you all have a great week! I invite you to come visit me over at {Just a Touch of Gray}! 

Thanks for having me, Mandi! Enjoy your Spring Break! 


  1. Wonderful inspiration, ladies! Nate's space is divine... thanks for sharing!
    Giveaway going on this week, if you'd like to jump in!

    Happy First Day of Spring. :)

  2. attractive wallpapers of the living rooms. the articles are correct and nice to read. I 'm happy to watch this site. Thanks for your experience!!!

  3. Great post! That Nate Berkus room is one of my all time faves -- I loved seeing it again :)

  4. I adore that bathroom! It's beautiful, but still calming and sophisticated.

  5. What a great post, I am loving these!


  6. that nate berkus living room is crazy amazing! and I've never seen it! love.

  7. I don't think I'd have considered using pastels before, but that Nate Burkus room has changed my mind!

  8. Fun post Rachel! I have never used pastels before, but I am loving these inspirations!


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