The Arrival of Spring

I know the arrival of Spring varies depending on where you live; but I have to say, here in Birmingham, it is full on.  This was our backyard the week of Spring Break (two weeks ago) . . . .

And this past weekend.  

With all this fabulous weather, comes the need for change, and I've been doing just that  - lots of spring styling jobs.  These are simple one to two hour fluffs to give my client's homes a fresh new look for the season.

And since it's on the brain, it's on the blog!  So, here are a few simple ways you can do the same in your home.  Fair warning - when I share some of these, you are going to go, "well that's obvious."
But remember - sometimes the obvious evades us when styling our own homes.

1. Think Spring Color Combinations - there are some color combinations that just don't feel like Spring.   

Fall/Winter (cozy colors)

If possible, edit these out and bring in some fresh combinations for the season.  
Spring & Summer

Also consider storing any heavy oriental rugs that feel wintery.  Sometimes this trick alone can transform a space.   The best part is when you pull them back out in the fall, they will seem new again!

2. Think Texture - The texture of fabrics really evokes a sense of the season (whether you consciously realize it or not).  For example, corduroy says Fall and Winter to me.  Same for velvets (if they are in a dark rich color).  In contrast, linen, cotton and even seersucker feel light and airy and say Spring and Summer.   
Another great trick is to use one simple color for all the accent pillows.   

3. Lighten up with Accessories - This is an inexpensive way to get a fresh feel in a space.  I always recommend changing out dark accessories for lighter options in a space.  It's amazing what this simple change can do; and it seems white accessories are so much easier to find these days.  Just pop into your nearest Home Goods and pick your favorites.  

4.  Think Clean Lines, Less Clutter -  What I like to do, is edit most of the pillows from our beds for a light simple feel.

  I do the same for table tops.  Just store the extra accessories for the next season.
It makes a huge difference, I promise!

5. Fresh Flowers - Once things start blooming in your garden, you have no excuse!  All you need to do is run out there and snip a few stems.  Don't have a garden, grab an orchid from the market.  They are a bit more expensive, but will last a couple of months and will give your home an instant lift.

So, if you are thinking you need a bit of Spring indoors, try these tricks!  Hope you're having a great week so far.  M.


  1. Beautiful photos. Pinned several.

  2. Your yard is gorgeous! Great inspiration for lightening up!

  3. Fluffing up the house for spring is so much fun. You've got some beautiful images here. I'm all about clean lines and less clutter. Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend, Mandi!

  4. Your yard looks great, Mandi. Loving all these beautiful inspirations.

    Happy Easter to you and your family, Mandi!



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