Dream House Wish List

I've been a little giddy for the last couple of days.  You see, on Friday, I'm going on the annual Jr. League Sustainer trip to Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta.  Last year, I went on the trip as a guest, and talked about it here and here.  This year, I've been invited to attend the outing as a speaker!  I will give a little talk on tips for Scott's as well as some current interior design trends in hopes of inspiring these ladies to seek out some fabulous finds!  

To get the buzz going for the trip, the organizers asked me if I would put together a "Dream House" post of what my dream house would look like.  And since it was such a fun idea, I decided to share it with all of you too.    

So, with that background,  here's the dream set up - Let's say I'm hosting a very exclusive party at my dream home.  You've been invited to the party! 

For starters, the invitation would be hand delivered to your home with a wax sealed insignia requesting your presence for the evening.

The party would begin just at sunset on an early summer evening.  This is would be the initial entrance to my home.  The property would be extensive - there would be horses grazing in the fields to the left (in honor of my daughter who loves to ride) and a golf course to the right (for my very sweet hubby and son).     

As the drive curves around a long row of hydrangeas, you would see this . . . 

Oh, wait . . .  I think it needs to be bigger?  Let's try this instead . . . 

That's more like it.  So, your driver pulls up and you walk through the front doors into this foyer . . . (you can hear music playing in the distance)

And then your are directed through this gorgeous living room on your way out to the backyard (which, btw, is accessed through french doors (on the right in this picture).  The party is already in full swing.  

There is champagne and scrumptious snacks waiting.  It's all incredibly delicious and fat free (it's a dream after all).  There is a perfect breeze blowing; AND, I might add, not a single bug in sight (they wouldn't dare ruin my party!)

You chat with the other party guests (all of which are extremely interesting, clever and funny).  Then, you take a walk through the massive maze of gardens.

Within what seems like WAY too short of a time, you are called to dinner (which we will pretend seats 12, for the purposes of this dream).  You are treated to the most amazing meal that lasts just the right amount of time.

Following dinner, we all retire here for dessert and coffee.

Although the party was sheer delight, you did manage to sneak away sometime during the evening to see some of the other wonderful rooms in this house has to offer. . . 

The butler's pantry.

My fabulous kitchen

Our Master Bedroom (with planked, tray ceiling) and the best light and views of the entire house.

which adjoins this master bath . . .

And "His and Her"closets (can't forget closets)!

First Her . . . 

Then His . . . 

Daughter's room  (which I love)

Or on second thought maybe this (since she loves teal). . . 

Son's room

And last, but certainly not least, the Guest Bedroom which is where you will be invited to stay during your next visit.

Whew!  I'm exhausted just thinking about all that - It was a lot harder to pick my favorites than I thought.   I hope you enjoyed my dream home, and these images have given you some food for thought.  Have a wonderful day! M.


  1. This was fun and my kind of party!!!!!! I am not waiting for my invite, but telling you now I am coming. Beautiful...every inch!

  2. Love this post! And Joan's kitchen would be my dream kitchen, too. :)
    Fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with from Scott's. One of these days we'll have to meet there.
    xo Heidi

  3. What a great dream. I can't wait for Scotts - I haven't been in forever.

  4. Love your little dream home! Some beautiful rooms here. Have a wonderful trip!

  5. I LOVE the way you dream . . . GORGEOUS! Have a great time and enjoy yourself.

  6. Beautiful inspiration Mandi! Can't wait to meet up with you at Scott's today!

  7. That would be so much fun! Wish i lived closer. Would love to go to Scotts!

  8. Thank God...dreaming is free :)


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