Just a Little Pop

Got a call from a very stylish client who selected a sectional and accent chair on her own in some wonderfully neutral fabrics (with great texture).  She asked if I would pull together some ideas on a few accent pillows.  Thought you might like to see what I came up with for her space.  I think they will add just the pop this space needs.

Here are the fabrics for the upholstered pieces she selected on her own. . .   

The light woven linen is for a sectional which is perfectly suited for her space. The chocolate jumper is going on an accent chair that will round out the seating area.  The woven fretwork (diamond pattern) is for pillows that came with the sectional.   And the pretty floral is a favorite pillow she has had for awhile and really wants to keep in the space (it's her favorite).  This pillow will be included in a creamy linen slipcovered chair in a corner reading nook in the same space. 

Here are my pillows suggestions for her space - two options (since I can never stop at just one).  Notice they both include the color of the year - Tango Tangerine.  Also, since we are working with a sectional, I decided to go with three different pillows on the sofa just to make it more interesting.  

The first option is vibrant with the orange velvet back pillows for added color.  I love how the Ikat inspired damask looks with the fun zebra/chevron on the accent chair.

This option I think is my favorite.  I love the dark chocolates on the sofa which speak to and balance the dark tones of the accent chair. 

All these custom pillows are available through Mandi Smith T Interiors.  If you're feeling the need for some fresh pillows in your space, I would love to do the same for you.  Have a great Monday!

PS:  I know my client would love your thoughts on which option is your favorite!  So, feel free to comment. 

PSS: I did manage to snag a few finds at Scott's on Friday.  I will be sharing them with you this week.  Just need to find the time to photograph them!


  1. I love option 2 the best! Love the large botanical and the trellis. Seems to "pop" more!

    Great job, Mandi!

  2. Cant wait to see what you will be doing. you have great taste and client should be very pleased. I will have to check out your pillow resource.

  3. I am likely not going to help with this decision, but can she consider going with both? By that I mean Option 1 for the spring/summer months and Option 2 for the autumn/winter months?! I guess that would be what I would do, as I'd have a very difficult time choosing between the two options!!!

  4. I would definitely go with #1. That velvet pillow in Tangerine is too good to pass up! Hope you can stop by my blog, Mandi - I'd love to get your opinion!


  5. Option 1 is my fav! I can't wait to see it all come alive!

  6. #1 if you ask me, but what beautiful textures!

  7. I love option 2 - that botanical with the dark background is really great.


Thank you for thoughts on my post! M.