Rainy Afternoons

Yesterday I was out and about most of the day with design consults.  It was busy, but interesting.  I've got lots of things to think about for clients.  Then, just as I parked at the elementary school to pick up my kids, a huge storm swept through and miraculous canceled all my children's afternoon activities.  (fake frown here).  I've never been so relieved.  Who's with me?!  

We have been burning the candle at both ends with all the activities and a little rainy afternoon action hanging out at home eating snacks and watching the tube were much needed.  

So, in honor of cozy spots on a rainy day . . . 

Sometimes you just need one!  Here's wishing you a rainy afternoon to play hooky.  M.


  1. Nothing like being in on a rainy day.....love nothing more, cozy cozy cozy!

  2. Nothing like being in by a fire and making chocolate chip cookies!

  3. We had a VERY hard rainy day here yesterday, but I was caught in it on the freeways of Houston! Ready for the weekend! Hope you have a good one, Mandi!


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