Power of Paint - An Update

If you recall, I recently completed a total transformation of my kitchen using paint and new hardware.  Here is the "After" of my kitchen.  If you want to see the "Befores" and the entire post about it, click here.

Following my post on the power of paint, I exchanged emails with Deborah, a blog follower in Madison, Mississippi.  She saw the post and was inspired to paint her own kitchen.  She was so gracious to share the before and after images of her space with us!  Here is the Before of Deborah's kitchen . . . 

She already had a great cabinetry color and decided to paint her walls the same color.  Look how much larger the entire space looks with the new wall color.  Wow - love a great before and after!

The previous color was P&L Arabesque which is a lovely rich color (I can totally see it as an accent color), and the new color is P&L Light Coffee.  This space opens into her keeping room, so she continued the color into that space as well.  Another "Before."

And the "After" (notice how the artwork really stands out now on the neutral wall).  It looks fantastic!

  Thank you, Deborah, for sharing these with us.  I hope they inspire other followers to think about freshening up with paint in their spaces.  It's one of the least expensive ways to get major impact! M.


  1. Cheap thrills - Paint! Love what it can do for any space.

  2. A brilliant transformation on all counts. It's so true - sometimes you have to 'see it' somewhere else to rediscover what works best in your own space. This is the beauty of blog land. SO many talented and creative people who are so willing to share their experience as well as their trials and errors - Amazing! xx

  3. Wonderful transformation. Love the plates on the wall. the color now makes the perfect back drop.


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