A Toast!

After my longest break ever from blogging, I'm rested and full of anticipation for a fantastic summer.  So, let's all raise our glasses to Summer.  Here's to . . .

Hosting More Parties
Whether it's pre-dinner cocktails, a casual cookout in the back yard with neighbors, or dessert at our place after a dinner out.
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The more parties you host, the more comfortable you become having spur of the moment get togethers.  And these are always the most interesting of parties.

Trying Something New
Oh the possibilities are endless . . . food, fashion, interior designer, outings, activities - you name it!

I adore this amazing maxi dress with a halter top - that would be new for me.

Should be fun to come up with something totally different!  Like maybe painting a room black?!  Who's in?

Doing Something Thoughtful For Someone
You don't have to make it elaborate, just thoughtful.  I promise the person will be more appreciative than you will ever know.

Even if it's a small as taking the time to tell someone that you think about them - do it!!

Getting Outside More
Whether it's a glass of wine in the late afternoon when you get home from work, a leisurely walk, even watching the sun set on a summer evening, make an effort to take it in.
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Thinking Red, White and Blue
Summer is the perfect time of year, to consider a patriotic nod to our country.  Do it in style!

So glad to be back online.
 Let's see what we can get into this summer, shall we?! M.


  1. I have had so many parties this year and one next Saturday for my daughters graduation. I need to be 10 years younger. I am tired.. I do love those succulents. They look like a bouquet of roses. What a great idea! Maybe for the next party.

  2. Glad you're back with refreshed mojo!

  3. Nice that you took a break.....welcome back :)


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