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While framing my sea fans, I decided we needed to talk about artwork in general.  For a space to feel high end, it's important to think outside the box on different types of artwork. The old adage, "buy what you like" does not always work. Too often, when clients buy what they like, their spaces have a "one note" aesthetic. They can't seem to put their finger on the problem; but the space just doesn't feel right. Many times, selecting similar artwork for a space will make a room very predictable and blah.

My rule with artwork - mix it up. When you are considering a piece of artwork, ask yourself. "Do I already have a piece that looks similar to this piece?" If the answer is yes, pass on it. Now, I'm not talking about a color palette here.  Obviously, the colors in the piece of artwork you select should compliment the room. But think different mediums for the artwork - oils, watercolors, etchings, architectural remnants, and clever objects used as artwork. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results of this little trick.

Here are just a few ideas I've found online for unusual artwork.

(my kids probably would not even know what these were used for!)

This is tutorial on turning a simple decorative wood piece from Home Depot into artwork.  Love it!

An old door - still has it's hinges.

Vogue Magazine Covers
Perfect for a room where you need some color.

A total industrial vibe with this fan cover.  And I love that they were clever about what they used to display the fan.  It all becomes part of the artwork.  Simple, but cool.

Vintage Cameras

Album covers

A model ship - talk about a focal point.

Letter box.

Sheet Music
Remember, you can decide if you want it to be whimsical . . . 

Or sophisticated.  It's all in how you decide to frame it.

Vintage Scarf

Even A Swimsuit!

 The real trick is to think about things meaningful to you and your family.  Then come up with a clever way to display them on your walls.  Have a marvelous day! M.

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  1. Great thoughts on this topic - and you're right about mixing it up a bit. I often find myself attracted to the same types of artwork but I know I need to vary it a bit too. I love using unexpected items as artwork on the walls.


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