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I recently had a local interior designer (who shall remain anonymous) ask me why I feature other interior designers on my blog.  "Aren't you highlighting their work and sending potential clients to them?"

  After a moment of awkward silence, I stated the obvious - There are tons of talented interior designers out there, and you can gain lots of inspiration from their work.  Even the smallest of details can be interpreted in your own space with stunning results.  So, if any of you are wondering why I feature other designers - The goal is to give you something to think about!  Some inspiration that hopefully can be used in your own space!  So, with that . . . here's my favorite new interior designer . . .

Ashley Goforth


Based on what I've read about Ashley, she has always had an amazing eye for interior design and enjoyed various interior design related projects for her entire adult life.  Here is just a small taste of her work.  

This makes me miss the 1980's wall of mirrors I removed from the living room in my previous house (and I NEVER thought I would ever say that!).  Also, I'm working with a client as we speak who still has them in her dining room - so here's a bit of inspiration for that project! 

A different angle of the same space.  I love layering a mirror on the wall of mirrors and how the abstract artwork reflects off the mirror to look like a pair.  Quite fabulous.

This is the other side of the same room with the mirrored wall (if you go back up you can see the TV in the reflection of the mirror).  Initially, I thought this was a formal living room, but it's not.  Instead, it's a beautiful family room.  Love the abstracts with the portrait lights flanking the TV.  You know it's difficult at times to make a TV wall look interesting.  Also, love the idea of incorporating some greenery into the space with the over scaled planters on either side of the mirrored console (which is a nice repeater of the mirrored wall).

This soothing image just makes me stop dead in my tracks.  I love everything about it.  The artwork, the painted brick, the chairs, the styling.  Love. It. All.

What a nice change from white marble on marble.  The black accents really speak to me - not to mention the large wall of windows.

OK, I love this image.  Did you notice the knee brackets in the dark stain finish - gives the feeling of rustic beams but for a fraction of the price.  Such a simple addition to the space, but adds so much architectural interest.  Very clever.

Another view of the same kitchen.

You would not believe how many deer mounts I work with in the rooms I design!  This space is such a refreshing modern take.  By limiting the artwork to only the mount, then adding the rich wall color, she has created a very modern sleek space.    Oh so good.

Adore the tub and shower placement in this master bathroom.  Really great.

Question - would you trust your decorator if she suggested a black wallpaper in your powder room?  Talk about some major drama!  The contrast of the wallpaper and the marble surround is a total WOW for me.

Here are a few examples of offices.  I must say, Ashley's paint choices are what really make these spaces go from a "just ok" to "totally fab."  Love this color (notice she painted the crown molding the same color but left the windows a lighter trim color.

Another great paint choice, with the distressed wood built ins and the beams - oh so yummy!


If you would like to see more of Ashley's work, check out her website!  Hope you're week is off to a great start.  M.  


  1. Fabulous inspiration! I love the large windows in the kitchen:)

  2. I've seen Ashley's work in the past and was very impressed. Of the images you've shown, I love that living area with the built-ins and fireplace, and the kitchen with the black granite countertops. And yes, if I was a client and the designer I hired suggested black for a powder room I'd say go for it.
    I'm a big believer in learning and being inspired by other designers. I often frequent the websites of designers that I admire to browse through their portfolio and to see what their latest projects are too. So keep showing us the work that inspires you.

  3. What beautiful inspiration. Love the living room with the white club chairs and pillows...warm and soothing and the master bath with the freestanding tub...dreamy!!

  4. A very creative and talented lady. I love how she uses color. Dark walls and light furniture. The contrast is dramatic and sophisticated.

  5. Oh, mercy! You have a beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! Congrats on your work! :)
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