Shout Out to Opal

I wanted to give a shout out of thanks to Opal Design Group for featuring my kitchen makeover on their blog this week.  Such a nice surprise to see my kitchen when I popped over!

This design team with offices in Utah and Oregon was founded by Jana Romney and Jen Adair.   These cute girls have truly got it going on.  If you have not checked out their blog, it is a great resource.  What I love about their blog and what I think makes it different from most are all the fabulous videos they've included on different pages.   It feels so much more interactive - like they are talking to you!  And there is some great information packed into those videos like - hanging curtains the right way, mood lighting and their take on down pillows (which I totally agree).   

Also, if you sign up to receive their newsletter they will also send you three of their favorite paint schedules as well as gallery wall templates.  If you have a minute, go check them out!  M.  


  1. Thanks Mandi! We appreciate the kind words!

  2. Thank you for the intro! I will have to check them out. And your kitchen, of course! :)


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