Things I'm loving at the Moment

Now for some total randomness.  I've been juggling design work and kiddos at home over the last couple of weeks.  I have to confess it's been a bit crazy - but fun crazy.  Summer seems to fly by, and I really want to take it all in and enjoy every minute of it.  I thought I would share a few things I've stumbled upon - a little summer randomness.

White Walls
I adore this space.  It looks like something you would find in a beach house.  Notice the white walls, ceiling, wall sconce and simple roman shades.  All this white accomplishes a couple things.  It makes the space feel bigger and it creates a backdrop for the pops of color on the beds.  Also, notice the headboards are actually upholstered cushions tacked to the wall.  So simple, but so much impact.    

Sheep Artwork Tutorial
This simple tutorial for affordable artwork really packs a WOW.  Wouldn't it be precious in a nursery?!  Great Job, Em and Elle!

Gourmet Popsicles
Everybody in Birmingham is talking about Steel City Pops.  These gourmet popsicles are all the rage.  I was having dinner with some girlfriends a couple of weeks ago and one of my friends could not say enough about them.  Then, my husband's firm hosted a dinner last week at the baseball field and Steel City brought a popsicle truck!  The flavors are so unique like avocado and blood orange, and they are all made fresh daily.  And to sweeten the pot (as they say), the owners are giving back by donating 100% of the profits made on their bottled water to developing water sources in third world countries.  So, a true community leader!

Do you remember my post recently of this picture?! . . . Wouldn't these gourmet pops make the most amazing dessert for a summer time dinner party?  Oh yea, I'm on it.  

Crawfish Boils
Talk about a laid back party.  This past weekend we celebrated the birthday of a close friend.  She and her husband spent several years in New Orleans and all that culture, food and NOLA lifestyle is now in their blood.  So, of course, celebrating big for this cute couple translates into a crawfish boil!  I ate so many I finally had to stop when my fingers were numb from peeling them.  You just can't beat good food, good friends, good music and yummy drinks in the summer!

Hammock Chairs
At the beginning of the summer, I ordered a pair of hammock chairs for my kids.  They are getting too big to use the swing set in our backyard (which makes me a little sad).  But, I'm not ready to tear the whole thing down. 

 Instead, I converted the swing portion of our set using the hammock chairs.  Both my kids love to read, so they've been hanging out up there in late afternoon/early evening with a book.   
I'm thinking I extended the life of that swing set at least more summer!

Wall Container/Window Boxes
My husband and I took a recent trip to one of our favorite nurseries here in Birmingham.  It is a bit farther out, but their plants are always so healthy and really put on a show during the summer season.  If you live in Birmingham, it's truly worth your time to check out Collier's nursery.  

During our most recent trip, the cutest girl helped us (which is another reason to go there, the customer service is spot on).  She taught me something about planting window boxes.  Now, mind you, we've had this box for at least five years; and I've never thought about what she told us.  

The trick is to plant two different trailing plants on each end (so a total of four plants, rather than just two) - one in the back and one in the front.  I've always done just one plant on each end since the container is so narrow, thinking it would fill out nicely. 
 Well, the box has never looked this great, even at it's peak.   I think it's the contrast in color that really gives the container the depth you can't get from a single plant.  Simple idea, but huge impact.  Love it. 

San Tan-tonio Nail Polish
(I told you this post was random!)

I treated myself to a pedicure (which is rare for me, I usually do my own pedicures at home), and I'm loving this color!  I think it helps when you've had a little sun on your feet for color, but every time I look down at the polish it makes me smile (the name just kills me!)
(Bet you didn't expect to see my feet on a Monday!  I kept the picture small in case you tend to get queasy in the morning! Ha!)

Did everybody have a wonderful Father's Day?  We made steaks on the grill last night for our man of the hour; and I called my sweet Dad and wished him a wonderful day too!  
What's everybody been up to lately?! M.


  1. Love posts like this! I will have to check that OPI color out this fall.... I go bright in the summer and dark in the winter!!

    Love this post and seeing what's been going on!

  2. LOVE crawfish and I am loving all you love. Have to get that Opi color, the perfect neutral for summer. And yes I too love white walls.....they are so crisp and clean and I love that first picture!

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  3. Sorry to have to use a "reply" here but I can't seem to find the "comment" button! Anyway, I love the popsicle idea, the crawfish spread and the hanging chairs! I've been looking for hanging chairs for my girls. Where did you get them?

    (as soon as I posted, the "Comment" link appeared. Sorry for that!)

  4. What a thrill to stop by one of my favorite blogs and see one of my projects featured! Thanks, Mandi!

  5. What a beautiful back yard! Is your window box on your garage in us or shade? I can't tell if that's vinca or impatiens.

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  7. What a great post! I want to have a crawfish boil party this summer--with those champagne popsicle thingys. And how cool are your swings?!?!


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