Trend Spotting - Bag O' Beans

OK, now for something fun!  I asked the talented Sophie Tardiff if she would put together some thoughts on a trend she is seeing in the interior design world.  Sophie is a writer and marketing guru, and she really has her finger on the pulse of cutting edge trends.  Sophie take it away . . . 

Hello Musers.  I am thrilled to be with you today talking about trend spotting.  When Mandi ask me what trends I was seeing in the interior design world, the first thought that came to mind was bean bag chairs.  While we all know they are amazingly comfortable, the bean bag chair is making a huge come back.  

They’re soft and conform uniquely to your posture in any way you want to sit or lie on them. They’re like no other piece of furniture. 

Comfort aside though, it can be easy to think of them as only for the playroom or child's bedroom.  What isn’t obvious is how chic they can be in the right setting.  They also come in so many different forms making them really versatile. Traditionally, bean bag chairs only came in spherical shapes which could be quite limiting. Nowadays, this is no longer the case.
Square bean bag chairs can be morphed into body pillows, armchairs, or stools. Bean bag ottomans can be sprawled out to create sofas for several people to lounge on. Teardrop bean bags give more back support to emulate an armchair style.
Different styles of bean bag chairs allow you to emulate existing furniture, which can eliminate an awkward juxtaposition if you intend to put them into a room with actual sofas and armchairs. Again, this is important for obtaining a chic result.
The other thing to consider is colour and fabric choices. Stark black and white rooms work well with bean bag chairs in a solid bright color to create major impact in a space.  Flat fabric textures work with subdued leather couches, while bold glossy faux leathers can work in a retro 60’s style décor. Warm colours and rough spun fabrics give off a bohemian vibe. 
You simply have to think outside the box and consider making an old favorite part of your current decor.  

Thanks Sophie for sharing your insight on a current trend!  Now let's get out there and take charge of our Monday!  M.


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