Top Five Ways to Freshen Up the Bedroom

Over the past few months, I've been working on a freshen up for our master bedroom.  I'm not quite ready for the reveal; but I thought I would share some easy tricks to transform your bedroom.  Regardless of the budget, here are five quick ways to rejuvenate any bedroom.

Small accessories can really help to transform a room. Before purchasing such items, think about the overall look for the room.

This will help to guide the buying process. Consider both color and texture when selecting accessories which can be found at a variety of places, from home improvement stores and department stores to the local flea market and yard sale.
image via Country Living

Wall Hangings 
A blank wall can be a real challenge and leave a person wondering what to do with the open space. A simple and easy solution would be to mount a couple wall hangings. A unique tapestry or quilt can add great color and design to any boring space.  Depending on the size and material of the hanging, this can be mounted several ways. It can be nailed or tacked directly onto the wall or can be hung using brackets and a decorative dowel or curtain rod.

Add Some Color

Whether it is with a brightly colored bedspread, throw pillows or the paint on the wall, a new color to the room can make a big difference. 

When choosing these colors, be certain to think about how it will fit in with the rest of the room as well as the entire house. 

Decorative Moulding on Walls 
Adding depth and texture to a room can be accomplished by adding moulding in different patterns throughout the room.
This can be a simple square design on the wall or can be a unique and artistic design that truly stands out. 

Change the Headboard
In the bedroom, the bed is most likely the centerpiece of the room. A different headboard can make a big difference. There are many options depending on what effect is desired. 

This can be a large, fabric covered headboard or can be a minimalist design that ties into other colors throughout the room.  

By using a few of these design ideas, any homeowner should be able to easily transform the look and feel of the bedroom. With a little bit of time and energy, the bedroom will be a brand new room in no time.


  1. What great suggestions. We did moldings similar to the 7th picture you show. We werent sure if we would like it initially, but absolutely love it now. We went for a touch lighter paint shade on the actual molding itself, which makes it pop out ever so slightly.

  2. I am working on creating a room with wood details. You showed so many great ideas.

  3. Terrific suggestions Mandi. I would love to spruce up a bedroom using molding. I think it adds such interest to a room. Maybe in my next home :).


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