Design Perspective - Pursley Dixon Architecture

This Charlotte, North Caroline architectural firm has one of the most impressive portfolios I've seen in awhile.

I had a hard time pulling myself away from these images.

Just look at the marble detail on this island.

Notice the ceiling in this bathroom - not to mention the full length mirrors and the marble/nickel sinks layered in front of the mirrors.

Such a fabulous use of a narrow space.

Talk about bringing it to the laundry room!  Pairing a galvanized tub with a decadent tub faucet and floor to ceiling subway tiles - totally divine.  

Look at the wall to wall windows in that living space!  If I had to live on a farm, this would be the ideal version of it for me.

This image really intrigued me.  The main kitchen wall is recessed into an alcove that has then been framed with thick trim.  So clean, and walking a tight rope between modern and traditional.  Just adore it. 

I realize this is not part of the architectural elements of the space, but I just love those skirted benches  with that enormous island.  Totally good stuff.

Another interesting image - the architecture here is so breathtaking.  Not a stitch of furniture needed to make this work! 

OK, I could go on and on with this one, but rather than copying their entire portfolio, click over to their website and check out all the offerings - Pursley Dixon Architecture.

Happy Monday! M.


  1. Some great inspiration here. Love the exterior spaces and that sink using the tub is a great idea for a rustic look.

  2. Very interesting designs, I agree, they bring in the best of both traditional and modern design. I LUST for that laundry room!! And the benches on the massive kitchen island. I love the bathroom, but I think I'd pass on that wall of mirrors :{}!! Lots of great inspiration here, thank you!

  3. Aaaahhh, gorgeous!!! I want to roll on the grass of that first picture and then eat it with a spoon. This is the most amazing porfolio I've seen in a loo-oong time. My heart is actually palpitating. I don't think I would feel at home in the South but man do I love their common types of architecture.


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