Eye on Art Series - Maggie Greir

I was having lunch recently with a mentor and friend of mine, and we started discussing how rare it is to find people who seem to balance the "right and left brain" tendencies.  They are creative but also incredibly smart.  Well during this discussion, Maggie Grier immediately came to mind. 

Maggie has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alabama but is a self taught painter.  She painted for fun during college and sold the pieces during local fairs and to decorators.  I love that her work has a modern feel but can easily be incorporated into a very traditional space.  Also, the colors seem neutral but there is often one standout hue that makes her work feel very unique. 

Her artwork was featured in the 2010 Nashville Showhouse benefitting Tennessee youth, and continues to be featured in Nashville at Bennett Galleries.  These unique, and rather quirky pieces really set the tone in this space.

It is not surprising that Maggie balances both spheres.  Growing up with two very creative parents who own one of my favorite antique stores in Birmingham (The Nest), Maggie has learned first hand that an eye for beautiful things is only part of running a successful small business in the creative world.   

If you are in Birmingham and want to see a few of Maggie's offerings in person, there are several local spots where you can take a look - The Nest, Little House on Linden (one of my favorite galleries), and Charlotte Woodsen Antiques.  I am sure you can find a place in your home for one of these stunning pieces.

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  1. These paintings are road-trip worthy, Mandi -- I love everything about these. Thanks for sharing!
    xo Heidi


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