Fans I Can Stand

I hope everyone had an excellent weekend.  We had a small break from the heat here in Birmingham with temperatures in the 80's.  I could almost imagine the Fall season on it's way.  Given how hot it gets here, ceiling fans are used in tandem with the AC.  Then in the Fall, when the temps begin to lessen, they are a great way to get some air circulation.  I say all this, but honestly, I'm not a huge proponent (see, I resisted the urge to use the word "fan" here) of ceiling fans.    Yes, I live with fans in my home.  More clearly, I tolerate fans in my home.  So, with that caveat,  here are a few I've seen lately that don't completely rub me the wrong way. 

For some reason, the industrial vibe of this one, seems to make it work in this space.  They've selected this fan as a focal point in the space.  So, it has to be spot on in style, scale and interest.
Traditional Kitchen design by Media And Blogs Lindsey M. Roberts

There is something about the placement of the fans in the image below that works for me.  They feel like a practical solution for a sunroom rather than a design choice (even though they are a design choice - everything you include in a space is a design choice).  Also love the traditional blue ceiling here.

Again, the placement and repetition of these fans works for the space.  

If I am forced to select a ceiling fan for the center of a room, I will try my best to select the biggest wall flower in the bunch!  I want it to completely go away and be unnoticed.  So, think low profile, no contrasting color, no pattern, etc.  Here are a few that do the trick depending on your space.

I know this one looks so blah, but that's the idea - same color as the ceiling, a hugger, low profile, short blade projectory, and no light.  Unless I am DESPERATE for light in a space and must include one on the fan, I will go for the no-light version and  choose table, floor and wall sconces to properly light the space.  This is the kind of fan when your friend says, "I really hate the fan in our family room" you reply, "You have a fan in there? I've never noticed it!"

If there are a few pieces in the space with darker toned woods, I will consider this one. 

Here's and option with a light.   Since the light is going to draw your eye, I think the dark fan is the way to go to give you a bit of depth and contrast without screaming "look at me."

Based on my experience (just me, not a national survey here), the fan debate is clearly divided along gender lines.  The husband wants one and the wife does not - just saying this has been my experience.  My approach to design is to make the space fabulous while ensuring it is practical and pleases all members of the household - very tall order!  Your home should be a place you love coming home to every evening.  A haven for you.  If that means a ceiling fan for your family, then so be it.  A good designer should be able to  make it work.  M.


  1. I like a ceiling fan but also want it to blend in and not draw attention to itself. At least it helps out with the A/C bills.

  2. It is too bad that ceiling fans get a bad rap considering how functional and practical they are. I love the ones in the last two photos. Looks like something you'd see in a stylish hotel lobby.

  3. Oh boy, we have a super ugly one in our family room but have to have it because it gets so hot. I agree with you that the nearly invisible sort are best.

  4. I have so many ceiling fans inherited from previous owner's and am not HOOKED. I never would have bought one but now I can't live without them. For our next, more permanent home, I want to splurge on something like the first one.

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