Planking Obsession

Well, not exactly what I had in mind. 

I was really thinking of something more along these lines.

I have not a single spot in my house with this detail and would love for it to be throughout.  

It has a casual feel.  But when paired with the right furnishings, it still feels appropriate for a primary residence (rather than just a lake house).

I also seem to prefer the planking horizontal rather than vertical.  I think it makes the space feel larger.

Happy Monday.  My kids started school today,  and I'm ready to begin working on some new design projects!  Looking so forward to my consults this week.  Hope everyone has a very productive go of it.  M.

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  1. We started school last Monday. Hooray! It just feels good to have a routine again. I love the look of horizontal planks too for the texture!

  2. Stunning - love all these images and they are wonderful inspiration. I think that bedroom is one of my all time favourites.

  3. Shoot....I love the dog image! Just had wood planks put into my home. Love them!

  4. I always love the look of wood planks, they add such a nice visual interest to a space. Great inspirations! The puppy image is so adorable, by the way!

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