Falling Into Fall - Part I

Since Fall is upon us, I thought it would fun to discuss a few ways you can give your home some seasonal accents without breaking the bank.  Today, I want to talk about the use of fabrics to accomplish this.  You don't have to reupholster a chair or sofa to get this look either.  The most affordable ways are through pillows, throws, slipcovers and even strips of fabric used in clever ways to give you a custom look.  

Often clients will tell me Fall colors don't go with the colors of their home.  So, their solution is to simply ignore the season and wait for Winter.  This is usually the case with cool tone interiors such as blues, grays, pinks, and lavenders.  There are ways to give these colors a Fall take.   But first lets look at the easier of the two - warm toned interiors.  The traditional colors of Fall - oranges, reds and yellows work great to give you the look if you already have a warm toned base in your space.

Warm Toned Interiors
Color blocking with orange and red velvet pillows does the trick.  Simple. Simple.  These pillows have turned this white beachy style into a cozy Fall retreat.  The rug helps too!
Architectural Digest

This works in bedrooms too.  By adding an orange blanket or duvet and just one fabulous pillow (I think this is Schumacher - Zanabar), you are there.

Look what a simple throw can do . . .  (add cut branches of leaves from the garden to a clear glass vase and you've repeated the color for amazing results).  I think it's interesting that once you added a color, any other items in the room that have that color starting speaking to it.  Did you notice the books on the console table that have orange/red yellow covers?  And the bits of rust in the painting?    

Again, color blocking with orange velvet pillows and a throw.

Cool Toned Interiors
OK, so easy peasy if you have warm tones.  But what about the cool tones.  If you have cool undertones like grays and blues, what do you do?  You go for browns and greens.  You will be amazed what this can do.

In this example, the striped pillow does the trick.  Honestly, I think it is styled for Spring since you have the yellow vases, but change these to more muted tones and you are there.

In addition to color, think patterns that speak to Fall - plaids, strips and even florals in the right tones all speak to Fall.  Also, don't forget texture - flannel, wool and cashmere.

In this image there is not a bit of orange/yellow/red.  But it still feels like Fall to me with the camel throw and plaid.  So cozy.

Earlier, I mentioned strips of fabric to change the look.  You can take a strip of any Fall fabric, and change the look of a wingback chair (you could even have it monogrammed).   Sort of like this example with the chocolate flannel . . .  (sorry it's blurry, I took it with my iPhone).

And just because I'm feeling generous, here are a few of my favorite fall fabric finds.  Any of these could be custom made into pillows, slipcovers and even those super cool strips of fabric to be used on sofas, accent and dining chairs for added texture.

Favorite Go To Fall Fabrics
Spice Velvet

Blue/Grey Plaid

Embrodered Linen

Camel Houndstooth

GEO Cut Velvet

Enjoy your day, everybody.  M.


  1. You have introduced some of the great ideas of interior painting and home decoration. I like your creative work.

  2. I love all of those light gey plaids. And that bed with the double duvets is definitely making me wish for cooler weather. Great post!

  3. Great post! I take out most of my color in the fall....it makes me excited to add it back in the spring!

  4. Great ideas, Mandi! I love to add a fur throw to my sofa and my bed - so cozy and warm and neutral!


  5. Gorgeous post Mandi! I am just about to change over my living room from summer/beach to spice colors and I am really looking forward to it. I agree - it's all about the pillows and the accents, although this year I am inspired so I am going to add some curtains in chocolate brown and a ginger type color - can't wait to bring on the coziness!

  6. Such great suggestions Mandi and so well written too - I love how you broke it into warm and cool colors because I think that does throw people off but no one needs to be alienated ;) I often find myself drawn to the unconventional fall color schemes - softer blues and blushes. Those are so pretty.

  7. oooooooh, so much to love! i am especially partial to that embroidered linen fabric--yum!

    your newest follower (and hope you're following back).



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