Falling Into Fall series - Part II

Time for part II of Falling Into Fall series for your home! 

 Last week, we talked about the use of fabrics to get a sense of the season (click here for the scoop on Fall fabrics).  Now, let's talk accessories, and the importance of natural earthy elements to give you that feeling of Fall.  What do I mean by natural earthy elements?  Well, things like deer antlers, turtle shells, acorns,  pine cones, and candles in darker hues. 

While lots of people include these elements in their homes all the time, I think by rotating them in during the cooler months, you really get the most out of these accessories.  
As an aside, did you notice the fabulous butterfly pendant in the image above?  Go back and take a look.  It's very cool!

I love this example because it illustrates that you can include these elements (which seem rather traditional) in a very modern space for amazing results. 

Can you say weekend project for the kids?!  Maybe I'll put mine to work on Saturday.  This image makes makes me rethink the notion of cutting the sweet gum tree in our yard.  

And nothing says Fall, like bittersweet and pumpkins.  

For cool toned interiors, bowls of acorns and white pumpkins do the trick.  A few of you have asked me whether I have acorns again this year (I used these in several styling jobs last Fall).  I'm sad to say my oak tree did not produce many acorns this year - no idea why?

Love the feathers in this one.

Here they've paired the turtle shells with a large wooden bowl of pine cones and then the textural basket of wood in the fireplace.  All great tricks to give your room a Fall feel. 

And just as important as bringing in these natural elements, you need to edit out your light/white summery accessories that speak to the warmer months.  Remember to store them in a convenient place for next Spring.  You'll be shocked the difference these small changes can make to your space.  M.


  1. Those double wreaths are just gorgeous! I am itching to get to the crafts store today and try to make those for my double front doors!

  2. Gorgeous images...love those acorns, I really love fall inspiration and decor, my favorite season by far!

  3. Great ideas Mandi - I like these posts. Did you have a very mild winter down there? I'm wondering if that's why you didn't get many this year? I'll have to look into that. Our leaves are just starting to gain momentum here and we got some good rain last night so I'm hoping the colorful bounty will be upon us soon.

  4. Great ideas for fall. I love the double wreaths.

  5. Great piece of design. I liked the living room!


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