We Interrupt this Program . . .

I've had a very unusual week -  I had jury duty.  Although I took this seriously and wanted to do my part in the process.  I knew all along that no lawyer would think about letting me on their jury!  Since I practiced law for almost 10 years the chances of me being selected to sit on a jury are about the same as spending Spring Break on the moon!  

No matter - it was still interesting.  I met a lot of people with very different life experiences.  It always amazes me to hear what the human spirit can endure.  I also realized during the process I truly don't miss practicing law.  At all!  

So, today, I'm playing a bit of catch up on several design projects.  In the meantime, two of my favorite online magazines went live with new issues for the Fall.  Both are so decadent - sheer eye candy.  I continue to think, there's no way they'll top this one and they do.  If you have time today, both are worth it.

House of Fifty


See you on Friday!  M.


  1. I've got so much reading to do. I can't keep up. and my new Elle Decor came yesterday too. I always enjoy meeting new people from different walks of life.

  2. Jury duty...so far I have been lucky to have avoided it but know my day will come:) Don't read online mags on a regular basis but both of these are exceptionally good.

  3. I have been called on October 23....first time ever!

  4. Both are fabulous reading material but I haven't had a chance to read them yet. Been so busy lately.

    Hope you have a great day!



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