What's on Your Table?

With the official arrival of Fall today, I'm looking forward to a few styling jobs for clients.  Although I love the design work, the smaller stylings jobs can make a huge difference in how a home feels for the season.  These little one day mini makeovers are so much fun for me.

One question I seem to always get during these projects - "What are you going to do on your  own dining room table?"  Well, here's the answer.  I put this arrangement together yesterday.  

For some reason (not sure why), tables seem to trip clients up.  Many will ask me if they should set the table for Fall with china and accessories.  (Like what you would see in shops around town this time of year.)  Personally, I'm not big fan of this unless you're actually having a dinner party.  Instead, I like to place something pretty in the center of the table which can be added to when you host a dinner party.  That way, you're not making yourself crazy the day of the party worrying about last minute details, in addition to your tablescape.

This large white pumpkin is in an orchid bowl I've had for years.  I like it because my table is unusually wide (at 60") and it really needs a substantial centerpiece to feel finished.  Then for color,  I added some bittersweet.  I also took some curly willow (I found it in the attic last week when I was up there looking for my fall decorations) and arranged it in a pedestal urn on the buffet for something sculptural. 

Then in my breakfast room, I purchased a handful of tiny white and orange pumpkins and arranged them in my pedestal basket.  Remember, you don't have to fill up the container, just fill in.  

I do have a few other fun Halloween decorations, but this base of pumpkins and bittersweet will remain until I'm ready for Christmas decor.  

If you have time, the farmer's market is a very fun place to go this time of year.  The assortment of gourds, squash and pumpkins can inspire any seasonal arrangement.  Have a great weekend. M.


  1. Looking good....love the pumpkin with the berries...stunning! Your home is beautiful.

  2. Cant believe we are into fall...very cute!

  3. I always get tripped up with our table too, but in the past I've done an arrangement in the center like you have that has lasted all season. I'm due for a trip over to our farmers market for some goodies - I have some girlfriends coming over this weekend and will need to do my fall sprucing. Styling days sound like fun! Show pictures if you can!


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