A Little Break

Hello all!  I am taking a small break from the blog to spent some quality time with my sweet husband.

  We are jetting off to Chicago for his college reunion (I won't say which year it is!).  It should be a fun trip.  We even have one interior design related item on the agenda!  I'll share it with you next week (sorry for the tease, but you will just have to wait!) 

Until then, thought you might enjoy looking through Lonny Magazine's newest online issue.  Enjoy and see you next week!  They now have an app for the iPad (Woo Hoo!). 

See you Monday! M.

PS: A huge thank you to my parents who are coming to Birmingham to help out with the kiddos.  I love you tons! 


  1. Oh, have so much fun in Chicago - I love that town. And thanks for the tip on the new Lonny. I never seem to keep up with when the new ones come out. Take care & can't wait to see your pics from Chi town.

  2. How fun, there is no better reason to take a break than to spend quality time with a loved one. BTW the dough bowl is safely on its way to your client!! Enjoy and safe travels!


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