Basement Design Plan

Just wanted to show you a design plan I did a couple of weeks ago for this very cute couple who are basically doubling their living space by finishing out their basement.  I have worked with this couple on a few other spaces in their home and was thrilled when they called and asked me to help them with their basement project.  Here is the floor plan . . . 

The plan here was to make this a relaxed space for hanging out, nothing girly, but not overly man "caveish" (is that even a word).   When I begin working on a design plan, I always start by finding a few images that inspire me.  This also helps my client understand the feel/vibe of the space I'm trying to create.  Notice, not all the images are of basements.  The inspiration can be an object in the image, the layout of the room, the colors used, or even the lighting included in the space.  It really is about being inspired. 

Once I have some inspiration, I develop the layout for the space and begin sourcing the items to create the room.  Here is the design board for this basement.  We have already tweaked the design a bit, which happens as you begin to implement.  But, hopefully, my client will send me a few pictures of the finished space to share with you.  

Also, my clients are avid Alabama fans, and the husband brews his own beer as a hobby!  So, I included some artwork that reflects the personality of this couple.  It's hard to see in the image below, but the colorful artwork is a collection of beer bottle tops.  The other piece is a DIY project of framed pennies, and then a rustic board with quotes that can be personalized to what's important to this family.  They also have two very busy little boys, and we wanted the space to be fun for them.  Although we did not have room for large bean bags, we did include a pair of textured poufs that can be pulled up to the coffee table for a snack or board game and then tucked under the console piece when not in use.

Here's a close up of the pillows - See.  Nothing too girly here!  And I love the leather lumbars which speak to the leather chairs in the other seating area.  Also, notice we have mixed both warm and cool tones (creams and grays), which I think is important to allow flexibility in what you can bring into the space. 

Happy Wednesday, everybody!  Enjoy your day. M.

The sources for the items included in this design plan are considered work-product; thus, I am not able to share them with you on my blog.  But, if you would like help in pulling a space together or creating a plan to take your current space to a whole new place, I would love to help you! 


  1. This is going to be wonderful, Mandi! They will feel like they have a whole new house! Thanks for sharing :-)
    xo Heidi

  2. This family is in for a real treat. I can see the entire space through your plan. When I read your notes on the layout I figured they were big AL fans and liked beer - so I was right. And love your choices for pillows and color palette - well done Mandi. Look forward to seeing photos.

  3. Great job! Cant wait to see it when your done.

  4. Beautiful job Mandi, your clients are going to love the changes! The plan is such a nice combination of masculine and feminine. I love all of the patterns you are using on your pillows.


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