Braces are a good thing

And not just for your teeth!  As you have often heard, the devil's in the details.  Well, it's the details that can elevate a home from "Nice" to "Amazing."  Here are few examples of how adding simple braces to the mix can achieve just that! 

By adding these braces, look at the fabulous overhang these homeowners were able to create.

Even interior areas like this kitchen island can benefit from a brace.

Talk about framing a front entryway!  

I love this one.  Just a simple tin roof with those double brackets on either side.  Love it.

Look how the simple addition of them here takes a thin porch post to a more interesting place.  

These are the kinds of details a great architect can add for major impact without breaking the budget.

All these gorgeous images were sourced via Houzz.  If you are in need of a little inspiration of your own, I highly recommend a visit to their website.  I hope you have a marvelous day!  M.


  1. Wow you make a great point, what a beautiful design element to add both inside and out!

  2. Love the picture with the braces over the front door. What a great element this adds to the entry.

  3. You're right, just adding this detail to the bar and the exteriors makes such a nice addition. I love that white house with the metal roof.

  4. ha! clever title and love these examples.

    hope you'll visit soon.


  5. I love them. I have a couple, and would love to buy larger scale ones.

  6. Great examples. I'm going to have to pin some of these.


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