Equestrian Weekend

Warning: this post seemed to grow by leaps and bounds, so you may want to grab a cup of coffee before you read any further!  

Lately, I've been seeing lots of discussion in the design world on a new trend - All Things Equestrian.  From Hermes scarves and Ralph Lauren inspired spaces to rustic log cabins, this trend is getting a lot of press.  Before we get to some of my favorite examples, I wanted to show you some images of my weekend.  

It appears my family life and the design world have collided on this one!  

This past weekend, my daughter, whose been riding since she was five, was in her first horse show.  I know, we've waited a very long time to venture into this world!  As you can see, Lindsey was totally thrilled with the opportunity.  Here she is on Snickers.  

In honor of the occasion, we invited some family members (who are avid riders) to spend the weekend with us and attend the show.  

And you know me, I had to do a little styling since we had guests for the weekend.  
I put together this small arrangement and placed it on the bedside table.  Everything (except the pumpkin) is straight from the yard - the white bloom is a variety of azalea, loropetalum (which added some nice fall color), rosemary, fern and the berries of liriope/monkey grass.  

This arrangement I placed in the bathroom for some color.  It has all the same flowers and greenery as the first; but I added a couple of small pheasant feathers for height. 

Then, one more super free simple arrangement for the living room.  Just a few branches of maple leaves that are beginning to turn for the season.

I tried to keep the arrangement low and full so as not to block the oil painting.  Remember, it does not have to be symmetrical.  I like the loose look of this.
 OK, so enough about getting the house ready.  Here's where we spent our Saturday - Windwood Farms.  The weather could not have been more wonderful.  And this farm is one of the prettiest places I've ever been.
 Just south of Birmingham, Windwood is a stunning place.  This is a true working horse farm.  They teach riding lessons, provide boarding for horses and host horse shows throughout the year.
 We arrived at 7:20 am for our event, and the place was alive with activity - I had no idea people were awake at this hour on a Saturday.  I packed a "morning tailgate" of muffins, ham with cheese croissants, fresh fruit, waters/juice, and coffee (of course).

I also made this wonderful recipe the night before.  This is an overnight pumpkin oatmeal.  I placed it in mason jars (sorry I didn't get a picture of them in the jars!), and I topped off each one with a little agave nectar and sliced almonds.  Yummy!  Here's the recipe if you're curious - Overnight Pumpkin Oatmeal

The grounds of the farm from up near the main stables.  The acreage here is extensive.
This is Lindsey with her wonderful trainer, Jamie Barclay of Barclay Farms.  A fabulous time was had by all.
OK, so I had to show you this picture.  This is inside the barn at Windwood.   Yes, that is a huge chandelier and it is in the middle of a horse barn.  Can you imagine?!  Horses living in a place with a chandelier.  I was stunned when I saw it!   
More buildings on this gorgeous property.  Just getting to spend our Saturday here was a real treat.
Now that I've warmed you up on all things equestrian, let's get to some examples in the interior design world.  Here are a few images I've found as of late.

I thought these wooden mini saddle stands were so interesting.  Not your usual idea of equestrian.  

I really love this image because it does have the trend, but it's not hitting you over the head.  Just a small touch of it.  Too many pieces and it gets themey. 

Don't forget the plaid!  This bed looks crisp while still feeling ultra cozy.  

I really could go on and on here!  This trend is so popular I had trouble picking just a few images to show you.  Next time you're out and about, I hope you'll pick up something equestrian for your space! Happy Monday. M.


  1. I can't tell you how much I love this post. We recently looked at a house in a neighborhood with shared stables. I momentarily had visions of my 5-year-old having her own horse and learning to ride the foothill trails. Then I remembered I'd need 115 sofas to shake loose enough change to fund that dream.

  2. Great post. She looks so happy being in her first show. The horse farm looks amazing. I would of taken a picture of that fixture as well! Love the last picture of the bedroom. Have a great day! - Tonya

  3. Your post is really good providing good information.. I liked it and enjoyed reading it. Keep sharing such important posts.

  4. Congrats....you must be so proud! She looks so little on that horse:)
    Great pictures of a fun day....that last picture of the bedroom has been in my file forever!!!

  5. You must be so proud - that is wonderful. I have seen quite a few equestrian inspired spaces, fabrics, accessories lately. And it thrills me beyond belief because it is classic, don't you think? I feel as though we look to the past and history and are inspired by that. It's really cool. And plaid - I love plaid. And I also love that drop leaf table in your entry - that is beautiful. Looks like you had a great weekend- I need to pin that oatmeal recipe.

  6. Congrats! So exciting that she is in her first show. Looks like you all had a busy weekend.

  7. You have my heart on this one! We grew up horse showing, and my daughter and I are still caring for our horses at our home. Congratulations on the ribbons and the experience! I know every single ribbon is so important in a child's life. The love between a girl and a horse cannot be compared.. What a beautiful farm, and place to spend a day, month or year(s)!!!!!!
    Have fun!

  8. We love the picture of Lindsey! She looks great on that horse. We can't wait to see ya'll! love Sara Hollis, Vera, and Joanne

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