I'm Craving . . .

A cozy lake house.
I know most people dream about owning a lake house in early spring.  When the weather begins to warm up, there are thoughts of what the summer will hold.  Visions pop into brilliant minds of water skiing, fishing and sunset cruises.  Well, lately, I've been dreaming about a lake house as a Fall retreat.   A place to go to get away from the craziness of our back to school schedule.  I think of drinking hot chocolate fire side, and relaxing walks.  Basically, just some high quality down time.   

And, as always seems to happen, I ran across these pictures and thought, this is the PERFECT lake house for Fall.  

The view of the house.  Also loving that large pier and cozy chairs.  Bring me a blanket and a glass of cabernet in the late afternoon, and I'm good.

And let's face, it wouldn't be a bad gig for summer either!  M.


  1. ME TOO! What is it the older I get the more I want small, cozy and charming? This looks PERFECT!

  2. My dream is to have a beach house but I think I could settle for a lake house if it looked like that.

  3. What a perfect little hose. It reminds me of a family house on Lake Placid that my grandparents had :)

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Thank you for thoughts on my post! M.