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Time for another addition of Eye on Art.  In this series, I highlight local artist, you may not know, who are doing some fabulous artwork.  If you are looking for a unique, special gift to give yours friends for the holidays, original art is the way to go.  Couple this with the fact that it is also affordable, and you have the perfect present!
Let me introduce you to the fabulous work of Nell Koopman of StudioKoop.  

I've known Nell for several years.  We met through volunteer work at our children's school; but I had no idea she was such an accomplished artist!  Then, when someone mentioned to me how excited they were about a piece they purchased from Nell, her secret was out.  

Nell grew up in Texas and studied Graphic design at the University of Alabama.  This peaked her creative interest, and Nell went on to receive a Master of Education in Art.   With this background it's easy to see, Nell loves to teach.  She teaches classes on art and even host art parties which I think is a fun way to introduce a child to art. 

With Nell's ability to work in lots of different mediums and pieces ranging from playful to sophisticated, you are sure to find something perfect for your space.

If you would like more information on Nell, visit her website StudioKoop.  Happy Monday! M.

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  1. I really enjoy discovering new artists and local artists in particular. We have a few art centers in our area that I like to visit and see what they have in their gift shops. It's really a great way to find a unique gift. Thanks for the intro to Nell's work.


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