Find of the Day - Pimlico Magazine

Happy Weekend!  I thought I'd give you one more reason to relax this weekend.  My friend and fellow blogger Autumn Clemmons of Design Dump is being featured in the current holiday issue of Pimlico magazine. 

Design Dump is one of my "morning coffee" blogs.  Autumn is always able to find something amazing in places you'd never think to source!  Now her talent is being featured in a fresh new online magazine called Pimlico.  

Autumn has created a super chic table scape, along with some other very talents ladies, to give you ideas on how to decorate your table for the holidays.  After reading it, I wheels are definitely turning.  What I love about Autumn's table are all the jewels tones she included which is a design trend prediction for 2013. 
If you have time this weekend, I encourage you to click over and enjoy this free (yes, I said free) online magazine.  I loved it so much, I've included it in my online magazines list on my right side bar so you can go back again and again to enjoy it!  M.


  1. I will definitely check it out, love learning about new blogs and resources! I featured your gift post on my random musings post today, it was too great to not share!!

  2. Wow, I could get lost for hours reading pimco. LOVE your stain removing strategies, I must get stocked. I was thinking that a stain removal kit could make a good housewarming gift, but then I saw your homemade amaretto, that sounds much better!

  3. Never heard of Pimlico so thanks for the introduction! And also thanks for the stain removal resources and that amaretto gift sounds divine. Might have to copy that idea!

  4. What a great magazine - loved perusing this edition!! Thrilled to find and follow your beautiful blog ~


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