Friday Randomness

Sometimes, interior design ideas come to mind that just lend themselves to a blog post.  Then, there are these random bits of information that swirl around in my mind sort of like a dream you can almost remember.  It's right there and then it's not.  These ideas/thoughts/events are too small to feature on a post, yet too interesting to let go.  So, today I'm going to do a brain purge.  Here are the swirly bits that have no place to go.  Hopefully, with this post, I can stop thinking about them and move on to other things.   

Silhouette Artist

I met this very interesting guy, Keith Donaldson, last Fall at a cute shop in Crestline Village.  He is a silhouette artist who trained and worked at Disney World cutting silhouettes for guests at the park.  Now he travels around the Southeast doing silhouettes.  He does these by hand (no tracing of the shadow); so, they are a true piece of art (not to mention they look amazing).  Also, they are very reasonably priced.  He will be in Birmingham December 7-9th.  If you would like details on the specific locations (or other cities where he will be visiting) click here and then check out the "Events" tab at the top of the page.  

Spoonflower Wrapping Paper

Most of you are familiar with Spoonflower - this is a fabulous website where you can design your own fabrics (and wallpaper).  There are also lots of very talented designers who sell their fabric on the site.  It's one of my favorite resources for children's rooms and nursery fabrics.  

Well, for a limited time, Spoonflower is making all their fabulous fabric designs available on wrapping paper.  I rarely admit this, but I have a true obsession with wrapping paper.  My favorites are unique designs on very thick, high quality paper. 
And to make this even better, Spoonflower is hosting a giveaway of three rolls of free wrapping paper. Click here to enter the giveaway.

Shelter Pups
I love this website.  Shelter Pups will make a custom stuffed animal of your pet from a photograph, and a portion of the proceeds go to help dogs in shelters.  Some of these images are incredible . . .   

Such a clever present for the pet lover on your list.  Click her for more information.

Herbal Fire Starter
With chilly weather knocking at the door, I thought these herbal fire starters would make a wonderful gift for neighbors.  

IKEA Ribba Frame in Gray

Not sure if this is new or I've been out to lunch, but I just discovered this particular Ribba frame comes in a fabulous gray color which opens up a whole new look/use for these frames.  I have used these frames for all kinds of art installations, but have never seen this glossy gray.  So, I will be including it in a plan soon! 

Printed Canvas Rug

Saw this on Pinterest from High Point Market and was intrigued.  This is from Tozai Home, and it is a piece of canvas that's been printed with the image of an oriental rug.  Although the image looks great, I'm not sure whether I give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down.  I would love to see it in person.  If it has a good feel to it, I could possibly see it used on a screened porch, in a high traffic area where you still want it to look nice (like a mudroom) or even in a beach house for a pop of color without the heavy feel of an oriental.  If any of you have seen it in person, I would love to know what you thought about it.  

Now, how's that for some randomness on a Friday!!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Do something fun and relaxing as Monday will be here before you know it.   M.

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