Family Room Design Plan

Wow, what a fun weekend!  We enjoyed some 7th grade basketball (very fun to watch!), dinner with friends and I had an opportunity to tour a few of the homes on the IPC Holiday House tour on Sunday afternoon.  I have to say Andrew Brown's house was amazing.  Such a cool mix of styles and totally unexpected from the traditional exterior of the home.  I'm sorry I didn't take a single picture.  I decided to treat myself to the tour without focusing on reporting it all.  I did lots of inspiration and will certainly be incorporating lots of the ideas from what I saw into the design plans I'm currently working on for clients. 

Speaking of design plans, I wanted to show you a design plan I put together for a cute couple in Mountain Brook.  They have a gorgeous home and were interested in a fresh perspective for their family room.  Here's what I came up for their space.

Here is the design board for the space.  The fabrics for the pieces shown will be totally different (for example the sofa is a midnight blue jumper pattern), but this gives you an idea as to how the pieces relate to each other.  The game table and armoire were pieces the client had and wanted to use in the space.  They also have a fabulous Heriz rug with lots of navy and gray(sorry no pic of the rug). 

And here is one option for the pillows we're considering for the space. 

How's the holiday shopping going?!  I've decided to do most of mine online this year.  So much easier than braving the crowds.  M.

All sources for these products included in this plan are considered work-product.  Thus, I am not able to share them with you on the blog.  However, if you would like help in pulling a space together or creating a plan to take your current space to a whole new place, I would love to help you! 


  1. Looks like some great options. I really like the two pillow options on the top. - Tonya

  2. Your choices are all lovely . . . this family must be thrilled to have your help with their home!

  3. Great looking boards, Mandi! (I secretly hope they choose the blue ikat pillows).

  4. WOW.....gonna be a gorgeous space!!!

  5. LOVE IT!! It's going to be amazing :)


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