Eye on Art - Gallery 1930

For my 'Eye on Art" series, I normally feature an artist rather than a gallery.  But this is a unique case.  You see, this relatively new (very hip) gallery is owned by an artist - Meredith Keith.

Gallery 1930
Here's the scoop on Gallery 1930 - it's located in English Village (which is one of the villages of Mountain Brook).

When John and I first got married we lived in the cutest little house near this gallery.  At the time, the building was a gas station!  It has now been completely transformed into a chic hot spot for the village.

In addition to the gallery, the building is also home to Vino which is a very hip and fun restaurant.

The gallery and the restaurant each have separate spaces, but they share a patio area.  Wine and Art - um, yes please!  This gallery/restaurant concept was the brain child of Meredith and her sister, Laura.  Needless to say, it has been a huge hit since it's opening.

The Artists
OK, so now that you've got the idea on the Gallery, let's talk about the art.  This coming Friday, February 29th, the gallery is hosting an opening reception featuring three very talented artists.

Meredith Keith
Meredith's work is really hitting a note with the 30 somethings here in Birmingham (and beyond).

Her paintings are modern and fresh and really add a level of sophistication to any space.  Also, when I hear the 30 somethings are hot on an artist, I sit up and take notice. Like my Mom always says, if you want to feel young, watch the younger set!
Drew Galloway
Drew's primary medium is oil and he loves working with tin and metal.  His work really just blows my mind.  The detail here comes off feeling almost like a photograph.  Just look at the water in the piece below.

From what I'm told, Drew comes from a very talented family as his father is also an accomplished artist. 

David Kidd
David's work is a creative process that evolves from an idea or concept which then takes on a life of it's own.  I just adore the vibrancy of this piece.

Switching gears, this more muted piece has tons of contrast and could be a true statement in a room of neutrals. 

So, talk about the perfect way to kick off your weekend.  Now, go call that babysitter and make a date with your sweetie!  A Friday night date perusing some fabulous art while sipping on a glass of wine - I can think of worst things to spend my time doing.  Right?!  
Who knows? The weather may even cooperate for the evening.  M.


  1. Shoot, wish I lived in B'ham! The gallery looks amazing; wonder if there's anything similar in my neck of the woods?
    Thanks for sharing, Mandi! HOpe you and the hubs can enjoy a date night there.
    xo Heidi

  2. That sounds fabulous right about now - what a great place. Whenever I get down to your neck of the woods, I want you to show me around to all of these great spots ;)

  3. How cool! Sounds like an amazing place and I love the beautiful pieces that you highlighted. There is an old boarded up gas station in my town and every time I drive by it I think how awesome it would be as a chic restaurant!

  4. What talent!....Love original art work in a home.


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