Happy Valentine's Day

My wish for you today . . . 
You wake up to a sweet Valentine's card on your bedside table . . . 

You have a super delicious breakfast (calorie free)

You put on your favorite shoes (you know the ones that make you smile when you look down)

You're able to accomplish more today than you're normally able to get done in a week.

Thus allowing you to indulge in a long lunch with your besties (who are also in a fabulous mood) . . . 

After lunch, you are greeted with the prettiest flowers you've ever seen! 

And you spend your evening with someone who makes you feel special.  

That's my wish for you on this Valentine's Day.  Just remember, should things not go your way, you've always got the option of a hot bath and a glass of bubbly.  Enjoy your day!  M. 

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