New Product I'm Loving at the Moment

OK, I first saw these several years ago when they were newly out and had not really perfected the look.  But, in the last two months, I've been in the homes of two different clients who have used the newer versions of this product for amazing results. 

Faux Wood Tiles
Now, if you've read my blog for any length of time, you know I'm not crazy about using "faux" products for the main stay (aka "expensive to change") materials in a space.  But I have to say, these tiles look absolutely fantastic; and when used in the right places, can have fabulous results with a durability factor second to none.  

This week I met with a new client and she had a washed wood faux tile similar to the one in this powder room out on a loggia area.  It was a covered area, but still open to the elements.  It looked so great, I had to lean down and touch it.  She also carried it into a butler pantry like room that connects the loggia to their outdoor space (which is a high traffic area).  

I also saw it in a basement project I was working on for a client.  They included carpet in the main area of the basement for a very cozy vibe, but in the wet bar area they did the faux wood tiles.  This created a very durable area for the bar, but still warm and cozy for a nice combination with the carpet.  Sorry I don't have pictures of either!  I get so involved with what we are talking about during the consults I forget to take pictures!

Here are a few examples I found on line to give you an idea of the look.  In the image below, they have used a wide plank version of the tile and laid it on the diagonal for stunning results.  

For me, I have to say the real trick in making this product look right is the proper color and size of the grout used - it needs to be very close in color to the tile and tiny (like a 1/16th inch) grout lines.  For example, in this image, you see no grout at all.  Also, let's face, when you have hardwoods, you also include a rug to give it a more cozy vibe. 

But here, they have chosen thicker grout lines in a contrasting color . . .
I think gives you a more modern feel to the space. 

In rooms that tend to feel cold and sterile (like bathrooms) wood (or the impression of wood) really helps visually warm it up.  

So, if you are considering a renovation, would like to use wood, but are afraid it will not hold up to the wear and tear, here's another option for you.  

One last note on my impressions of the tiles, they feel real under foot, unlike the lament version that I can detect even through my shoes!   Would love to hear your thoughts on this products and where you have it in your home! M.


  1. Love the look. We are actually considering it for a few rooms in our basement that we are finishing. I think its so practical they look so real and the price is right. Great examples!

  2. I, too, have watched these with interest the past few years. You're right, they just keep getting better and better. We hope to buy a mountain house this summer, and I plan to use some form of these in all of the baths.

  3. My daughter had this tile installed in her home but it's more of the gray-ish shade. She is always receiving compliments on the look since it's a bit more unique. I prefer the brown tones myself and think it's a great alternative to wood. Wood in the SW part of the US doesn't do well unless it's engineered hardwood which is what I have in certain parts of my home in Arizona. Beautiful photos! Thank you.

  4. I haven't seen this product in a home installed personally, but from those pictures they look great!

  5. I love these tiles and used them when we renovated our boys' bathroom. A great solution for teenage boys and their dirt :)


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